Amazing Subway Surfer Cheats For Android And iOS

For game Lovers Subways Surfers is really an amazing game that is seriously rocking the phones and tablets of many, the game which is generally available for both Android and iOS. The Subway Surfer Cheat is available for the game lovers for both Android and iOS, so if you like the game and you love to have the cheats, then continue reading as i will share it with you.

subway surfers

For those that don’t know, you can easily play Subway Surfer on PC well, so this trick am sharing with you is going to help you a lot as to hack your subway Surfer and also get unlimited coins just with this Subway surfer cheat I will be sharing with you. So let get to business of the post.

The cheat is for two different operating system which are Android and iOS so all the subway surfer will benefit.

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Subway Surfer Cheats For Android Users

To be able to use the Subway Surfer cheat for android, you will need some applications which are totally necessary for you to have, so download them, the we continue.

Now what you will need

  1. Download Subway Surfer Cheat Files.
  2. Download the Subway Surfer if you don’t have it already
  3. Download a small File explorer for android

Now Don’t worry the files are free on Play Store, so you can download it, after you have downloaded that above which is what you will need, you can now move to the next step, which is how to use the subway surfer cheats on your android device.

  1. Make sure you have download the above
  2. Extract the the Subway Surfer cheat and you will find a folder
  3. That Folder contains 3 files which provides unlimited coins and upgrades
  4. install the game and if you have installed it already
  5. do this on the game Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Subway Surfer’s and tap Clear Data.
  6. Now copy the three files which you have extracted earlier in step 3 from your memory card
  7. Install the file Explorer and open it and go to sdcard/Android/data/com.kiloo.subwaysurf/files/
  8. You will find three files there but replace them with the one you have copied from the download Subway Surfer cheat.
  9. Close the game, or even restart your device and launch the game again and you will find the unlimited coin ready for purchase, so purchase anything you want.

That how to install Subway Surfer cheat on your android, follow the instructions and you won’t have any problem.

subway surfer cheats

Subway Surfer Cheats For iOS Users

Now, this is the way to use the cheat for subway surfer for iOS users, you will need some applications which is totally necessary.

  1. Download Subway Surfer Cheat Files.
  2. Download Subway Surfers game For iOS users.
  3. DiskAid tool download it, the tool is used for exploring iOS device and transferring files.

Now these are what you need to have the Subway surfer cheats working for your iOS devices easily, download the files and applications above. subway Surfer cheat.

  1. Install the game  if you have not
  2. Install the DiskAid tool on your computer
  3. Now connect your iOS device to your computer through USB cord
  4. Now when it connected, open the DiskAid Utility
  5. Right under Apps you will see Subway Surfers Game and click on it
  6. After you have opened the Subway Surfer on the DiskAid tool now under document or something you will find those three files so check for it.
  7. Copy the 3 files that are available in the Subway Surfer Cheat File you have download
  8. and paste it to replace the 3 files you found in the DiskAid utility tool.
  9. Now unplug your Device and restart it your iOS device and launch you game and enjoy the unlimited coins and purchase upgrades.

Now that how to use the Subway Surfer Cheat for iOS files, so follow the instructions and the cheat will work well for you.

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Conclusion On Subway Surfer Cheats

Now you don’t have to suffer for coins, get unlimited with is subway surfer cheat for both Android and iOS users, follow the intructions and you will get the best result. comment if you have a problem or issue with the instructions. Subway Surfer Cheats


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