5 Amazing Tips To Increase Or Extends Iphone Battery Life

iPhone is a very popular mobile phone which is really a great product from Apple, But what the use of having a very useful gadget and yet still complain of a bad battery every time you decide to use it. Now this battery issue is not just common with iPhone users but also with Android and BlackBerry users, so don’t think iPhone has only this issue it is kind of general. these tend to give you tips on how to extend your battery life of your iPhone phone.

how to increase iphone battery lifeIf you are satisfied with how long your battery last the there is need for you to have to follow this tips, but if you are fed up with the way you carry charger about with the fear that your iPhone battery might just go off at anytime, then these powerful tips are you, Implement them and see how the battery life of your iPhone will increase and you will be surprised.

5 Basic Tips To Increase or Extend Your iPhone Battery Life


1. Turn Off Your Bluetooth

Now tell me what are you always doing with your bluetooth of your device on? when you leave your bluetooth on always it always kills your battery because the bluetooth feature is a very strong feature and thereby need lots of power, so it sucks the battery life just to keep it on. So don’t be surprised when you see your battery very low and your bluetooth of your iPhone is on. So what am I trying to say? Switch Off Your Bluetooth!!!! This tips helps a lot if you are the type that leaves your bluetooth on.

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2. Close Background Apps

Sometimes we minimize some apps and then forget that some are still running in the background and normally this is not good, I normally encourage gadget to always close any app there are not using anymore as these apps also takes their own share of the battery, there reducing the battery duration to be very very short. So if you to make your iPhone battery last longer, close unnecessary apps that you are no longer using.

tips to help increase iphone 5 battery life

3. Turn Off Unnecessary Notification and Push

Notifications are great and also push alert but do you know that it is also the faster battery sucking agent? Yes it is. Let me explain that to you. now when you get notification it is because your iPhone goes online and actual connects to the apps servers and imagine if you have a lots of apps and also remember, your notifications don’t always comes from apps only but from social media. So the internet connection always sucks  the battery. So turn them off and on them back once in a day to get the notifications at once.

How to turn off your iPhone notification

Go to Settings > Notifications > go through each unnecessary app and choose “None”

4. Reduce The Screen Brightness

Brightness also help to reduce the battery level badly, if you have iPhone that always so bright, you battery is the one draining there, that why is always advice to use dark themes as it helps in reducing the screen brightness, you can also reduce the screen brightness really using this method

  • Open Settings and go to “Brightness & Wallpaper”
  • Slide the adjuster bar as far to the left as you can tolerate
  • Flip “Auto-Brightness” to OFF

Do these and see your iPhone battery life last longer than the former duration. This tip is very important, the brightness of the screen drains the battery.

how to increase your iphone battery life

5. Disable Mail Push and Set Fetch

For your E-mail to be entering your iPhone every times make it connect to the internet all the time and makes it refresh in case you have a email it will send it to you immediately, this itself kills the battery, so what you have to do is to try to do it manually, what i mean is try to fetch our mail yourself.

To do these settings on your iPhone

  • Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > flip Push to OFF
  • In the same Settings menu, go to “Fetch” and choose “Manually”

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In having a iPhone with a long battery life, you have to follow this tips as they are like the basic tips of having a good long lasting battery,. Follow them and see a change in the duration. So Here are the Killer Tips to make your iPhone battery last longer for you.


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