Importance Of Sitemap And Why Your Websites Need It

Sitemap is very important when it comes to the SEO of website and also allowing users to easy navigate through your website easily without problem, Sitemap helps users and search engines to help in improving the website visibility in Search engines.

sitemap of a siteWhy I regard Sitemap as very important is that it easily helps search engine bots and crawlers to easily find new content or change and easily help it get indexed quickly then a website that has no sitemap there by making it slower for search engines to find new content on your sites. Sitemaps helps in help more in communicating more with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

What is Sitemap?

what is sitemapSitemap as the name says “MAP” of a site, where all the direction and details of the site can be stated out to be easily noticed or found by both users and or Search engines bot, so if there is a change or new content in the site it will be easily be noticed and be found.

Why is Sitemap Important?

importance of sitemapFrom the definition above you can easily tell why it is important for your site to have sitemap that if you have users to easily go through your site and search engine bots and it also makes them understand the structure of your site. The Sitemap also helps to users to navigate through your site easily and find content and whatever they are looking for on your site. Sitemap is also a great thing you should not miss out as it.

When you create a sitemap for your site and you submit it to search engine then you don’t need to rely on external links to help your site get found by search engines as the sitemaps will help you on its own.

Sitemap as become a standard of getting your site indexed and new content indexed, to if you want to be found and noticed create a sitemap for your site

Sitemap also helps in sorting out messy links, whereby a link is broken and can’t not be reached, the sitemap helps you to know and find links like that and also fix it.

Types of Sitemap

Don’t get confused, there are two types of sitemap which are XML and HTML sitemaps.

XML Sitemaps are sitemaps are meant to be submitted to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on to help search engine bots find your sites, get them indexed and also index new content faster. This sitemap will help your site content to be easily be found in search result and helps increase your site exposure.

HTML Sitemaps are sitemaps which are meant for visitors of your site (humans) to that when they visit your site they can easily move around easily without problems.

Are The XML And HTML Sitemaps Necessary?

Now you may ask this question, and my answer is Yes!!! It always good to keep things balanced. So satisfy human and also don’t for that of Search engines. So create the two and balance the equation on both sides.

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Now this post is just to enlighten you that Sitemaps is totally important for every site progress in the internet both for users and search engines bot, so what are you waiting for create your sitemap now and make your site get indexed quickly without problem. Balance the equation lol. Create your site sitemap  it is very important.


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