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5 Tips to Keep your Facebook Private and Secure

Are you worried about elements like fake news and malicious trackers that are out on Facebook to steal your private data? With the new year already started, it’s time to learn the tips to keep your Facebook private and secure. What started out as the first true social media network for connecting with friends, family

How to Hide Last Name on Facebook for Privacy

Are you tired of people looking you up on social media and bothering you with messages all the time? Keep your privacy intact by understanding how to hide last name on Facebook with this guide. While it is considered unacceptable in most social circles to not have a Facebook account, some of us resent it

Keeping It Clean – How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram

Are you looking to make your posts more organized by learning how to hide hashtags on Instagram? This quick and simple guide is just what you need. What once was a great platform to connect users worldwide, has now become the hub of promotional content and marketing. Social media platforms such as Instagram today thrive

How To See Or View Hidden Friend List On facebook Easily

Facebook always try to improve the security of it users and also privacy but in this tutorial am going to be sharing how to view hidden friend list on facebook easily in this short tutorial which is very easy to understand and also follow. You may have your reasons for sneaking into your friends list

Unique Method On How To Increase Twitter Followers fast

I have read different posts and articles about twitter especial on how to increase twitter followers which are kind of not working or end one up of having fake followers which you don’t need because you will just have a high number of followers but nothing actually happening in your timeline which to me is