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Spectranet, Swift And Smile 4G LTE Plans And Prices In Nigeria

It is not new news that 4G LTE network are now available in Nigeria though they are not available all over Nigeria but in due time it will spread as fast as anything. 4G as it is called is far more than the 3G we shout about and also far faster Edge we cry about

Recuiting Made Easy Like Shopping

Recruiting has been stress for some companies and organizations, when there a job opening in there office and they put the information out there to the people interested to hear it and since the world is getting to a technology age , some companies simply tell the applicants to send the necessary information to a

How To Easily Create A Guaranty Trust Bank Account Online

Everything is going online now, Guaranty trust bank has dropped a new extension where you can create a bank account online not just apply for a saving account online or any other type of account you are actually creating the bank account online. It does not care how complex it may look, the online page

How To Nominate BasicTechTricks For 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards

Nigerian blog awards is here for nigerian bloggers in the blogospere, In this award you can nominate bloggers that are nigerian and there blogs. Since am a Nigerian I need your help as my good readers, please help me vote my blog as the “Best New Blog”, Basictechtricks.com was created last 4 months and it