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How to Update Ubuntu Server – Linux Guide

Need assistance with Linux and on how to update Ubuntu server? Check out the simplified tutorial given below with all the instructions you need. The latest version of Ubuntu, i.e. Ubuntu 16.04 is already out and there are many who still do not know about it. But updating Ubuntu is a very tedious task and this

How to Download Kik on PC & Mac

If you’ve been wondering how to download Kik on PC, here is a guide to help you get the messenger app on PC or Mac right away. Messaging apps are the most used apps on smartphones these days and the craze for same is such that traditional calling and text message has been mostly forgotten

Virtual Reality: Enter A 3D Man-Made World

Virtual Reality: Enter A 3D Man-Made World : Virtual Reality (VR) is defined as a three-dimensional artificial environment wholly created by optics and special software to make the user experience a man-made interactive world.  In order for VR to work, the user must wear a special headgear and other virtual reality peripherals, like gloves and


Do you think it possible that a Computer can be taught how to write RAP (As in Rap Music) Eric Malmi, together with colleagues from the University of Aalto (Finland) has developed a program that allows you to generate lyrics for rap artists. The algorithm DeepBeat chooses the best rhymes, supports a clear rhythmic pattern,

The Biggest Mobile Discount sale – Jumia Mobile Week Megathon

Jumia is doing it again and this time it is called Jumia Mobile Week Megathon. The event which is focused in giving the Nigerian mobile users one of the greatest surprise ever. Remember the BlackFriday?? Yea, I know you do but this promises to be better and off the hook. Jumia Mobile Week Megathon promises

MTN Nigeria Data Plan And Subscription Codes

MTN, which is one of Nigeria best telecommunication network but for internet and communication, knowing the MTN data plan and also the subscription codes for the different plans and prices is really important if you are using the MTN or you also have plans to use their network. There are different data plans on MTN

The Future of Ecommerce in Nigeria

Ecommerce in simple terms refers to trading of products and/or services on the Internet. In most developed countries of the world, we have seen a great deal of investment in this sector as well as tremendous success recorded by them. Just a few years ago in Nigeria, the word ‘Ecommerce’ formally made its way into

How To Subscribe For Airtel New Data Plans For Android Users

Some of you Nigerian Android users must be aware of the mass petition which was fowarded to the NCC about data plans for android and how network and data providers should help in reducing the cost of acquiring data for their android device instead of the usual cost which is the same as that of

KAYMU Launches Affiliate Program So You Too Can Make Money

KAYMU one of Nigeria best shopping website has now releases affiliate program which is a good news for bloggers, website owners and even individual (you don’t actually need a website to make money with this program. Kaymu which brought a proliferation of ecommerce platform operating different models which is Kaymu, Nigeria’s leading online marketplace which

Best Playstation 4 Games You Should Have Or Know

Playstation 4 has indeed  been the talk of the gamers world since it was launched in November 2013, games are available for the mighty console but you also need to know the best playstation 4 games that are available in the stores, I certainly know that this articles will get outdated but as for now