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Guide to Factory Reset Blackberry device – How to Flash Blackberry to Factory Settings

Got an old Blackberry you have forgotten the password to and to factory reset the Blackberry device? This is the guide you need to follow if you’ve been trying to grease up the old Blackberry device by flashing it to factory settings. Your mobile device is only worthy of the attention it gets as long

Guide to Torrenting using Blackberry – Best Torrent Clients for Blackberry devices

Are you tired of waiting for a particular movie or TV show to be available in your region or just don’t want to pay a premium for it? Here’s a guide to torrenting using Blackberry and the best Blackberry torrent apps you can use. The technology of P2P (peer-to-peer) protocol has been around for just

How To Download Opera Mini For BlackBerry Q10, Q5, Z10 and So On

For years i thought Blackberry 10 devices users will be able to download the Opera mini application on their devices since I don’t use one I was wrong, exactly some days ago I was asked to download opera mini into a friend’s phone which was a blackberry Q5 device and with that geek vibe I

How To Change Android IMEI To BlackBerry IMEI Number Guide

Most android users always want the blackberry subscription on their phones because of the cheap charges attracted to it, so today we are going to take a look at how to use such subscriptions on android devices by changing the IMEI numbers of your android device to that of a blackberry Disclaimer : Changing of

How To Transfer Your BlackBerry Contacts To Android Device With Bluetooth

Yea!!! you must have must have noticed that recently I have been talking about transferring of contacts and that because I will soon be changing my device and am also looking for solutions to my questions and I know you might also find this very useful some day. Recent I talked about Transferring contact from

5 Killer Tips To Protect Your Phones And Tablets From External And Internal Damages

Protecting gadgets is not really a easy job especially when the forces are increasing day by day. User buy devices such as phones and tablets which cost a lot in the market as the move along the trend line but the never sit to consider what it take for the device to serve them and

Top 10 Best Sites To Download Free Mobile Movies

Note: We have recently updated this article since this one is a little bit outdated. You can check it out here Mobile devices are rocking the world now and almost all everyone has a smartphone, so the need to have mobile movies as increase and how to get this free mobile movies matters a lot,

How To Hide Files On BlackBerry Phones Easily

There are times you want a little privacy on your BlackBerry phones and you need to hide some files on your BlackBerry device then you have no problem because it is very possible to do that without any problem or installing any app. This is an inbuilt feature that blackberry has and some users don’t

BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5 Data Plan Prices And Codes For Airtel, MTN, Etisalat And GLO

The new series of BlackBerry such as Z10, Q10 and Q5 and  more to come uses data plan instead of the popular BIS that most users know, So if you are using any of these devices you can subscribe for the former BIS but instead you will need to subscribe for data bundles. Now there

Best Way To Create A WhatsApp Account On Mobile Or PC

As some of us know WhatsApp is really a great app, some of us may find this post kind of outdated but there are still some who needs this post very well, creating a WhatsApp account is very important in using WhatsApp. As we know whatsApp is a great chatting tool with not regional or