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Best App Lock Android Apps for your Device

Just as personal as your wallet can be, your mobile phone is a piece of technology that probably holds more personal information and content than anything else you own. Thanks to the giant push in privacy technology on smartphones with features like fingerprint security, mobile phones are a lot more secure, but what about all

6 Hidden Android 8.0 Oreo Features You’re Probably Not Using

What started off in 2007 as a way to make mobile phones “smarter” has today become the largest mobile operating system in the world. Ever since Android was taken under the wing of Google, the software company has revolutionized the way we use our mobile devices, and despite strong competition from iOS and others that

10 Best PUBG Style for Android

No matter how much of an avid mobile gamer you might have become nowadays, it is undisputed that consoles and PC are where the gaming industry was born. For as long as some of us have been alive, brands like Microsoft and Sony have been competing bring reality-bending graphics with live action gameplay, with games

Best Xposed Modules for Android

Before the days of the open-source Android OS, users were fairly restricted to what they could do and what they couldn’t by the corporate overlords who created their mobile devices. Even after Android OS grew out to become a standard among mobile devices, Android OEMs did not let go of their tendency to control the

How to Turn Android into a Windows Phone

Microsoft made the ill-fated choice of acquiring the Finnish mobile company Nokia to compete in the mobile phone market with Android and iOS. After millions of dollars in lost revenue and a dwindling market share among mobile devices globally, Microsoft let go of the Nokia brand, along with the dream that was Windows Phone. A

10 Best Multiplayer Racing games on Android

For as long as most of us early gamers can remember, the racing genre has dominated the industry for all of the right reasons. Whether it is the competitiveness of the game and its design that makes it so engaging, or the rush of adrenaline you get every time you put the virtual pedal to

Best Messaging Apps – Communication Made Easy

The one quality that has helped us humans evolve and conquer the world as we know it, has been the ability to communicate in more ways than one. From using hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt to chatting on video chat, we sure have come a long way ahead in terms of communication, and smartphones are playing

How to Use Your Phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot – Android & iOS

Back in the day when the cellular network made its way to the mainstream user, the ability to call and text other users across the world seemed like a dream. However, the inception of the internet and commercializing it globally is what really opened up doors to creating the network that billions of users have

How to Download YouTube Videos and Watch Offline on Android

For as long as the modern world as we know has existed, the quest for the human race to entertain itself has been steadfast. From paintings in the caves by Neanderthals to the modern age of 4K streaming content from Netflix – the world of entertainment is a centuries-old passion that has now reached its

Most Common Android 9 Pie Issues and Their Solutions

From the days of powering lesser-known brands to becoming the uncontested champion of the mobile market – Android OS has come a long way. The journey has not been easy for the mobile software platform, but the climactic shift in the purpose, design, and working of Android under the guidance of Google has evolved it