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10 Best PUBG Style for Android

No matter how much of an avid mobile gamer you might have become nowadays, it is undisputed that consoles and PC are where the gaming industry was born. For as long as some of us have been alive, brands like Microsoft and Sony have been competing bring reality-bending graphics with live action gameplay, with games

10 Best Multiplayer Racing games on Android

For as long as most of us early gamers can remember, the racing genre has dominated the industry for all of the right reasons. Whether it is the competitiveness of the game and its design that makes it so engaging, or the rush of adrenaline you get every time you put the virtual pedal to

Best Racing Games for Nintendo Switch to get right now

Even before the gaming industry became a social platform for people to enjoy competitive entertainment, Nintendo was all about multiplayer games to begin with. If you owned the good old NES Classic Edition, then competing with your siblings and friends to cross the finish line in the pixelated virtual world is a memory that cannot

Curb the Playtime – How to Set Up Parental Control on Nintendo Switch

For as long as the gaming industry has existed, kids and adults alike have been addicted to it, spending hours at a stretch in the virtual world. While the ability to monitor gaming habits did not exist earlier on gaming consoles and gadgets, the growing concern over gaming addiction amongst the young has forced the

The Best Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks Every Owner Should Know

Ever since the gaming industry has existed, the name “Nintendo” has been a fundamental part of the entire movement from the get-go. From the wild popularity of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in the 80’s to the high-flying action brought about by the revolutionary Nintendo Wii, the Japanese video game company has a special

6 Best Pokémon Games for Android to Try Right Now

For more than just a generation of people, Pokémon games and series of popular TV shows have been the defining time their childhood. Middle-aged people all over the world went haywire when Nintendo brought around Pokémon GO for mobile devices, and it seemed like people got to relive their favorite childhood game all over again.

How to Download Clash of Clans APK on Android

Do you need to download Clash of Clans APK on your Android device or PC right now? Here is the simplest and most versatile guide on the subject you can find online. Clash of Clans has been around for the past 5 years or more with us. It doing great in every aspect. From little kids

WWE Mania – How to Update 2K15 on Xbox One

Have you been looking for the easiest and most detailed tutorial on how to update 2K15 on Xbox One? This guide is all you need to play the latest version of WWE 2K15 with ease. Xbox One is definitely one of the most popular gaming console produced and thanks to Microsoft, the console as well

Pokémon in Minecraft – How to Download Pixelmon

Are you a Minecrafter who is a Pokémon fan at heart? Here you can find the easiest method on how to download Pixelmon on your PC. Pixelmon is a custom modification of the game Minecraft. It gives the player an ability to choose a starter Pokémon and then he can start with the rest of

How to Download Clash of Clans on PC

If you ready to take over your rival teams and learn how to download Clash of Clans on PC, then this is the ultimate guide for you! One can find hundreds and thousands of games on Google Play Store, which include various game genres like FPS, Adventure, Sports, Multiplayer, and Strategy etc. However, among all