Best App Lock Android Apps for your Device

Just as personal as your wallet can be, your mobile phone is a piece of technology that probably holds more personal information and content than anything else you own. Thanks to the giant push in privacy technology on smartphones with features like fingerprint security, mobile phones are a lot more secure, but what about all those specific apps?

From your Facebook app that keeps a tab on not just you, but your friends and family as well, or WhatsApp with all of your personal chats, the only way to truly keep your smartphone personal is an app lock Android app. Since the Google Play Store is filled with a sea of these, we’ve sieved through them to bring you the best of the best.

1. AppLock

We tried to look past the most popular apps in the app lock category, but the fact that this one has over 100 million installs makes it worth looking at twice. AppLock by DoMobile Lab has been around for years and it continues to not only hold up to the latest Android 8.0 version, but incorporates all of the great features you’d expect, and then some. The app itself comes with a minuscule file size which makes it easy to set up but packs more features than you could keep up with.

Start off by setting up a PIN, a pattern or a password, along with the ability to use your fingerprint as a way of authentication. While AppLock is not the only app to offer features like Advanced Protection which stops anybody from installing it with authentication, it also comes with its very own incognito browser, private SNS (Social Network Service) and an Intruder selfie feature built in. You can even hide the AppLock app itself in multiple ways, and it comes with one of the largest theme libraries we’ve ever seen on an app

2. AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock

Although Cheetah Mobile does not have the best reputation when it comes to providing an ad-free experience on their apps, they’ve made an exception with the AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock app this time around. Offering support for PIN, password, pattern and even fingerprint scanning unlock, this app lock not only given you the ability to restrict the unauthorized use of certain apps, but settings as well.

You can feel free to lock down the connectivity toggles such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, while keeping all the private content of your Gallery, social media apps, and even browser history as private as it can be. With a fully customizable lock screen and complete hold over how long it takes the AppLock to come into effect after the screen is locked, it also includes an Intruder selfie mode that snaps a picture using the front camera every time a wrong password is entered.

3. Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault

While even the oldest app locks on Android work with the latest version, they tend to look quite dated after a while, but not the Hexlock App Lock. Packed with a clean and minimalist material design from top to bottom, Hexlock does not skimp out when it comes to providing all-around protection with more than just the basics.

Apart from the regular slew of features like the ability to restrict uninstallation by unauthorized users and taking control over the system, Hexlock comes with a unique feature for creating lock profiles, where you can grant or restrict access to the certain group of apps based on what Wi-Fi network you connect to. Impressively enough, Hexlock also comes with a built-in Media Vault to keep all your private pictures and videos away from the prying eyes.

4. IVY AppLock

The ability to restrict access to apps and services using a passcode is simple science, and the AppLock from IVY Mobile keeps it simple too. Designed to be a power-saver and work efficiently in the background at all times, IVY AppLock is also capable of replacing your traditional lock screen with the integration of fingerprint lock support.

While covering the basics with features like Intruder Selfie, options to configure the lock frequency at which the IVY AppLock comes into action, and the ability to replace the app icon, you even get a bunch of non-essential, but quite useful features like Video and Photo Vault, a fake Force Stop banner to deter the snoopers, and an App Disguise feature packed into the system as well.

5. App Lock: Fingerprint Password

The app lock category on the Google Play Store is as wide and abundant as it is complicated, which is why App Lock by Keepsafe tries to keep things simple for once. Giving you PIN, pattern, and fingerprint authentication to choose from, you can secure every app installed on your device, and not only prevent the app lock from being uninstalled, but other apps on the system too.

App Lock does not come with any of the high-flying features like remote unlock or separate lock profiles like some of the apps do, but that’s the very reason some of you would be more inclined towards it. While the app does come with ads which can be rid of through a tiny in-app purchase, what we like about App Lock by Keepsafe is that it blends into the system and seems almost like a built-in feature.

Are you safeguarding your personal mobile phone with the best app locks in the business, or does your phone offer this feature built-in? Do you have a better alternative to the ones mentioned above that deserves a spot on this list? Be sure to mention it in the comments section below and we’ll surely review it.

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