Best Xposed Modules for Android

Before the days of the open-source Android OS, users were fairly restricted to what they could do and what they couldn’t by the corporate overlords who created their mobile devices. Even after Android OS grew out to become a standard among mobile devices, Android OEMs did not let go of their tendency to control the apps and services you used on their devices. But users fought back against bloatware and today the modern mobile devices barely have any floating around on them.

Back in the day when custom ROMs for Android devices were all the rage, users simply could not get enough of the fact that their mobile devices received unimaginable features and upgrades with these unofficial software updates. However, with the release the Xposed Framework, everything changed as it brought with it a way to add features to any rooted Android device with the help of community-created Xposed Modules.

Best Xposed Modules

Since Xposed Framework has been around for years now and the Android OS is updated every year, not all of them seem to work with Android Oreo. However, a bunch of Xposed modules tend to generate enough traction due to which they are regularly updated by the developers, and we’ve shortlisted the very best for you to check out.


If you are in a habit to reboot your Android device regularly just like you would reboot your computer, you’ll realize that the boot-time can differ greatly. Similar to how the boot-time on a Windows PC can be shortened by disabling the programs that run on startup, BootManager does the same job on your Android phone. Once you have the BootManager Xposed module installed and running, grant it superuser permission and begin selecting the apps from the list of all apps installed on your device to disable them from automatically during the system start, which will appear in Red color once selected.

Gravity Box

While the openness of the Android OS over the years has helped us create a better a user interface by installing different apps. However, one of the main reason for rooting your Android device for quite some time now, has been the ability to get Gravity Box up and running. This is essentially a massive suite of tweaks and features all comprised into a single app, helping you tweak the life out of your phone. Just a short list of these customizations include – Lockscreen tweaks, Statusbar tweaks, Navigation tweaks, Pie controls, Display tweaks, Media tweaks and a whole lot more!


We may have come a long way in terms of display quality, processing power, and general usability since the early days of Android, but the hardware limitations of a battery continue to restrict the amount of screen-on time we get. However, there is a way to stretch the battery life of your smartphone to the absolute maximum with the help of a nifty little module called Amplify. While other battery-saving apps such as Greenify focus on background processes that juice out your phone, Amplify allows you to take control of wakelocks, the element behind battery charge lost when the phone is in idle mode.

YouTube AdAway

While it is good to be considerate of the fact that your favorite creators make money through the ads you have to endure on YouTube, sometimes it can be too much to handle. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to block out all of the ads it the official YouTube app for Android, look no further than YouTube AdAway. The working of the app is pretty simple and once you install it, it is enabled automatically, so reboot your device and check out the YouTube app to see that all of the annoying ads are no longer around to bother you.

WA Tweaks for WhatsApp

Used by more than a billion people worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the many Android apps that you simply cannot do without, but it does come with its fair bit of restrictions. But thanks to the WA Tweaks for WhatsApp, all of these barriers are broken and you get an ocean of customization and modifications. Using WA Tweaks, you can easily enable official hidden features such as Forward messages alert, Slide up to record, Change number notification and more, along with root-only tweaks such as Send full-resolution photos, Send all file types, Send status in full quality and a lot more.


The look and feel of your Android device is not just the theme and wallpaper since it is the font of the system screen that matters too. While you can always change the font of your keyboard, there is no way to do it for the entire system, unless you have the amazing iFont Xposed module installed. Offering a massive collection of fonts for different languages such as English, Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and many more, all you need to do is install the theme of your choice and reboot the device to set up a new system-wide font in less than a minute.

Statusbar Download Progress

While there are plenty of apps like Gravity Box in the Xposed Framework that brings along heaps of features and functionality, but it is also the little bits that count. This cool design tweak doubles up as a utility tool, giving you a status bar that specifically notifies you of the file that is being downloaded in the background. Once the Statusbar Download Progress module is installed, you can change the color of the download progress bar, set its dimensions, and even enable Animations for the progress bar.


Notifications are not only an essential part of the application environment, but also act as reminders sometimes. For instance, if you have forgotten about a WhatsApp message you intended to reply to later, a notification on the statusbar would be a good reminder. For those times when you don’t want to dismiss a notification and keep it pinned to the notification bar, PinNotif comes in super handy. Once you have the module installed, simply press and hold on the notification you don’t want to accidentally dismiss, and it will stay there until you remove it from PinNotif by pressing and holding it.

Awesome Pop-up Video

With the release of Android 8.0 Oreo, Google brought about a feature called Picture-in-Picture mode that allows you to exit an app while the video playback continues as a small window. However, the feature is not only restricted for certain apps such as YouTube (only for YouTube Red subscribers), but doesn’t always seem to work. With Awesome Pop-up Video, you get the ability to play videos in a pop-up window while multitasking, and even brings the functionality over to other video-supported apps such as Google Chrome, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch and more.


Over the years, Google has been pushing Android OS towards a more secure and safe structure, starting off with the ability to control the permissions that an app or service has. While you can cherry-pick the permissions already, it is by per-app basis and it can be quite daunting to control the app permissions that way, which is why the XPrivacyLua Xposed module is just ideal. Once enabled, XPrivacyLua gives you the entire list of apps installed on your device and then either restrict permissions completely or disable singular permissions such as Get call log, Get location, Get sensors, Get contacts and so many more.

Are these awesome Xposed modules enough to convince you to get your device rooted and have the Xposed Framework up and running? Be sure to suggest any other great Xposed modules for Android 8.0 Oreo and we’ll be sure to review them.

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