10 Best PUBG Style for Android

No matter how much of an avid mobile gamer you might have become nowadays, it is undisputed that consoles and PC are where the gaming industry was born. For as long as some of us have been alive, brands like Microsoft and Sony have been competing bring reality-bending graphics with live action gameplay, with games like Halo series and Call of Duty defining the entire First Person Shooter (FPS) genre.

However, there hasn’t been a larger shift in the action shooter games category than the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, or PUBG as most fondly know it as. The ability to play in an open-world such as that of the Grand Theft Auto series games, while adding the element of strategy and FPS with a ‘last man standing’ policy, PUBG ranks high on the addiction scale.

Games like PUBG for Android

While the global release of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground not only brought together gamers from PC and console but also encouraged dozens of other gaming studios to follow suit and add more titles to the ‘Battleground-style’ genre. Since PUBG Mobile has caught on phenomenally as well, there’s no shortage of names trying to replicate that success.

After sieving through the Google Play Store, we were able to find a ton of games that are built on the very strategy of PUBG Mobile. Since not all of our worth your time, we’ve tested out the very best to help you get your blood pumping with some armor-piercing action thanks to these Battleground-style games like PUBG for Android.


NetEase Games has taken the genre of the battleground-style game on Android and just ran with it, creating multiple different PUBG-style games in just a few short months. However, the best and most popular among them is making the list in the form of RULES OF SURVIVAL. Played by over 200 million users worldwide, RULES OF SURVIVAL allows up to 300 players per game.

Based on a newly upgraded 8×8 KM map that is packed with an arsenal of all shape and form, the Safe Zone is constantly shrinking and forcing you and your fellow teammates to get to the center. With a bunch of different weather effects and a range of vehicles that set it apart from PUBG Mobile, RULES OF SURVIVAL upholds the Battleground-style shooter genre.


2. Garena Free Fire

If you’ve played PUBG Mobile long enough, you should be familiar with the different gameplay modes – Classic (30-minute match) and Arcade (different short-period matches). Garena Free Fire has been developed to pick up the Arcade-style short and simply battlefield-style strategy, so you get to enjoy the action without too much wait time.

Each game lasts just 10 minutes with just 50 players where the last man standing takes the prize home, all of which is set on a serene and treacherous island packed with bounties and weaponry. We especially enjoyed the smooth transitions which were comparable to PUBG Mobile as well with the limited period Monster Truck is the best vehicle to ride around.

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3. Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile (Coming Soon)

It might’ve seemed like a spin-off that is based on the direct gameplay of PUBG and the builder-style gameplay of Minecraft, but Epic Games has succeeded into making Fortnite Battle Royale into a cash cow that keeps giving. With the soon-to-release Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile coming to Android imminently, the fun is only going to double.

The 100 player PvP game start off is a cartoonish landscape with the coolest names like Stunt Mountain, Paradise Palms, Loot Lake and more. Squad up with your friends to take on the enemy teams and gear up as you break and build your way through barriers to deflect bullets and high-powered rocket launchers, all to end up as #1 on the scoreboard.

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Imagine if you could combine the lovable animation of LEGO with PUBG Mobile and play a game that is not as graphic-intensive as others because that is exactly what PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND is. The Block City is the only viable place left after the apocalypse, and all hell has broken loose in this lawless piece of land.

Get around the chaotic town in a bunch of different vehicles trying to survive the horrors and finding military-grade weapons to defend yourself from intruders. With a massive map that supports multiplayer with 20+ members at the same time, with added social support of features like live chat to help you conquer what’s left of the pixelated civilization.


5. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Set in the post-apocalyptic world of 2027 where an unknown infection almost the entire civilization, Last Day on Earth: Survival is about the last band of humans surviving in a world ravaged by the unknown and brain-eating zombies. You start off with nothing, trying to gather, hunt and build your way back to the time of when humanity existed.

But it’s not just about being a collector, as you can gather parts to even build vehicles and steal your way to survive each day as if it’s your last. But when it comes to fighting the monsters and radioactive creatures that plague the Earth, you can band together with your fellow survivors and enjoy a Battleground-style fight to stay alive.

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6. Black Survival

Probably the most refreshing type of PvP battleground action game we came across is Black Survival, bringing the thrill of post-apocalyptic survival and anime-style gameplay together. There’s no real action gameplay involved, but a thick plot where each and every one of your decisions will either help you outlive the other players or perish forever.

Choose to be any of the 35+ different kinds of characters in the game and pick up your weapon of choice among the 7 different offerings. With the island divided into 22 different areas like the Beach, Hospital, Forest and more, survive by hunting wild animals, get out of the expanding Restricted Area, and end others to come out on the top.

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7. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Whether it is the pay-to-play strategy that TenCent uses to push players into spending money or just the overcrowded servers that are pushing you away from PUBG Mobile, you’ll find Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival to be a great alternative. Based on the same gameplay design and somewhat similar game design style, you can play with up to 120 other players in a single match.

With the addition of special aerial vehicles like helicopters to help you keep an eye in the sky, there is a massive collection of heavy to light artillery for you to fire away at the enemies as the danger zone closes in. The support of voice control and the smooth gameplay are a winning combination which brings it closer the quality of PUBG Mobile.

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8. Conflict.io: Battle Royale Battleground

Built with characters that are eerily similar to the doodled ones from Clash of Clans, Conflict.io comes with the action-packed gameplay of PUBG, but in a cartoonish and adorable way. The view isn’t a first or third person but a topographical view of the map, with plenty of locations for you to take cover, look for supplies and weapons, and escape the chaos.

Each match comprises of a small map with just 35 players that battle it out to come out on the top as the map keeps shrinking on the clock. From the unconventional flamethrower to set your enemies ablaze, to the rocket launcher that will put a hole through the wall, you don’ have to be alone on this journey, thanks to the Collaborate feature to make your crew.

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9. Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival

The biggest difference that Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival and other PUBG style games on this list have been multiplayer, but you’re sure to enjoy this game by yourself as well. Set once again in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the world has been taken over by zombies and other vile creatures, it is a fight for survival every day as your forage for food and searches for weapons.

The beautifully retro world of Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival is scattered with abandoned homes and broken down cars, all of which are filled with supplies, so start scavenging. As you go along fight the incoming zombie hordes along with AI survivors that you can either team up take them down right away and steal their stuff from.

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10. Last Battleground: Mech

If you’re looking to add a sci-fi element to what is already a highly competitive gameplay model, Last Battleground: Mech is an oddly satisfying way to do it. With the same design to bring open world fighting gameplay with a mix of survival and strategy along with it, you can easily switch between your human character and its Mech form with just a button.

The 5V5 shooter experience may not be as large as the traditional battleground experience, but the fact that you can add heavy and light weapons to your player as well as the Mech makes it stand apart from the other similar games in the genre.

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Wrapping it up

At the end of the testing period, we did conclude that most of the games on this list that adhere to the Battleground-style mechanics of the gameplay are indeed inspired directly or indirectly from PUBG Mobile, with some rich exceptions like Black Survival. If you do have any other upcoming Battleground-style games that can recreate the adrenaline pumping action of PUBG Mobile, be sure to mention it in the comments.

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