How to Turn Android into a Windows Phone

Microsoft made the ill-fated choice of acquiring the Finnish mobile company Nokia to compete in the mobile phone market with Android and iOS. After millions of dollars in lost revenue and a dwindling market share among mobile devices globally, Microsoft let go of the Nokia brand, along with the dream that was Windows Phone. A well-planned venture, in theory, Microsoft hoped to turn Windows OS into the connecting channel between the desktop computer space that the brand has conquered decades ago, and mobile devices that could finally do more than ever.

Although Windows Phone in practicality simply crashed and burned to put it mildly, it did not affect the fact that Microsoft continues to own the world of desktops and laptops. Regardless of how fond you are of your Android or iOS device, most of use simply cannot look at Mac OS or Chrome OS and consider it as a viable replacement for Windows. Whether it is the work environment built by Office 365, or the fluidic masonry design layout implemented for a supreme user interface – there are plenty of reasons to love the Windows OS.

Turn Android into a Windows Phone

What makes the Android OS a people-pleaser is its ability to beautifully blend into whatever you wish for it to be. Without having to lurk over the decaying corpse of Windows Phone, you can still get all of the best features out of it on Android OS itself. From allowing you to bring the best office suite of apps to your mobile, to creating a user interface that will completely change the way your phone looks and feels by all means, here’s everything you need to do to turn your Android into a Windows Phone.

User Interface – Microsoft Launcher

You may not have appreciated the Windows Phone in its entirety, but there’s no denying the fact that replicating the user interface and design layout of Windows 10 on a mobile phone was quite refreshing. Windows 10 on Android continues to be officially supported as a concept through the Microsoft Launcher that is available openly on the Google Play Store for you to try out.

Allowing you access to your Sticky Notes, access to calendar entries, documents, and everything else that is synced with your Microsoft account, you get an ocean of customization with the Microsoft Launcher at every step of the way. With features such as Personalized Feed, Gesture Customization, and Continue on PC, this single app brings everything good about the dearly-departed Windows Phone to your Android phone.

Get the Microsoft Launcher

Internet Browser – Microsoft Edge

It is hard to step up to the Google Chrome browser, but if Microsoft can give it a run for its money on the desktop platform, then the mobile arena isn’t too farfetched either. Partnering up with AdBlock Plus allows the Microsoft Edge browser to offer you a pleasant browsing experience with little to no obtrusive ads, along with a long list of features that, in some ways, even surpasses the best internet browsers for Android.

The subtle and elegant design of the Edge browser is matched with features such as Reading View, built-in Voice Search to make browsing easier, Sync Connect that allows switching between mobile and PC easier, as InPrivate tabs to keep your browsing sessions private and secure at all times. The addition of specialty programs such as Microsoft Rewards offers more incentive to use the Edge browser, along with unique features such as camera search and real-time language translations.

Get the Microsoft Edge Browser

Work Apps – Office 365 Suite

Albeit Google has worked hard on bringing the virtual workspace to the modern day and age with the G Suite, it does not stand a chance against Office Suite built by Microsoft over decades. The gold standard in work apps across the board, the addition of Microsoft account means that you have seamless access to all of your Office Suite files over the cloud for easier work management.

Microsoft Office apps are the combination of Microsoft Word for creating and managing document files, Microsoft Excel for viewing and editing spreadsheets on the go, and Microsoft PowerPoint to help you have access to the tools you need to manage, create, and edit presentation files on the go. Apart from the deadly trio, you also get Microsoft OneNote for easy notetaking, and Microsoft Outlook to manage those work emails.

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Voice Assistant – Cortana

If you’ve a bone to pick with Google Assistant and prefer the alternative voice assistant that Microsoft has to offer, then you get the chance to bring it to your Android phone now. While still being baked in beta, the Cortana voice assistant app for Android comes with all the bells and whistles of the PC version, but now far more useful than it could ever be on the big screen.

Acting as a true personal assistant, Cortana helps you easily manage your day by creating reminders, setting up tasks for you to follow, giving you updates and alerts based on your calendar entries automatically and so much more. In addition to that, syncing your Microsoft account with Cortana and services like Microsoft Edge, Office 365, and Microsoft Launcher allows you to control it all using your smart voice assistant Cortana.

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Data Storage – Microsoft OneDrive

The world resides in the cloud today, with all of our media, contacts, and important files tucked away on servers offshore. Microsoft has kept up with the trend and created the OneDrive platform which allows you to sync your Microsoft account everything along with it to your storage account online, and now the same ability comes to you on your Android device through the OneDrive app.

Handling your work files from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) has never been easier across multiple devices, along with the ability to save all of your precious photos and memories attached to them. The special features such as notifications for when a stored file is edited, and the ability to access files offline when required is what makes Microsoft OneDrive a worthy adversary to the Google Drive.

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Final Words

The largest name in the world of computer software has finally put its dreams of becoming a big name in the mobile world to rest. However, Microsoft is putting its years of mobile software development to good use by becoming one of the largest app development studios out there for Android. The apps and services that have been mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg, being only a handful of offering from Microsoft that can turn your Android smartphone into a Windows Phone. If you’ve got any other great Microsoft apps for Android on your favorite list, be sure to mention them in the comments section below.

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