Guide to Factory Reset Blackberry device – How to Flash Blackberry to Factory Settings

Got an old Blackberry you have forgotten the password to and to factory reset the Blackberry device? This is the guide you need to follow if you’ve been trying to grease up the old Blackberry device by flashing it to factory settings.

Your mobile device is only worthy of the attention it gets as long as it works the way it is expected to. Whether the old piece of technology has started acting up and slowed down, or you found your beloved device back from your BBM days that you’ve lost the password to, you will have to go ahead and factory reset Blackberry device.

How to Factory Reset Blackberry device easily

While it is much easier to flash your Blackberry device to factory settings when you can access the Settings app, there are other ways to do it as well. Whether you’re looking to perform a soft reset, a hard reset or a factory reset on your Blackberry, this guide is all you will ever need.

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For BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7 to 5.0.1 and BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0

For 32-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 systems:

  • On your computer, click on Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
    • Note: On Windows Vista and 7, right-click and select Run As Administrator.
  • Type in the command C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader and press the Enter key.
  • Type in loader.exe /resettofactory and press the Enter key.

For 64-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 systems:

  • On your computer, click  on Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
    • Note: For Windows Vista and 7, right-click and select Run As Administrator.
  • Type in the command C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader and press the Enter key.
  • Type loader.exe /resettofactory and press the Enter key.

For BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.4 for Mac OS X:

  • Close the BlackBerry Desktop Software if it is open in the background.
  • On your Mac computer, click on Go > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.
  • Type in the command Applications/BlackBerry\ Desktop\ and press the Enter key.
  • Type in ./bbdm resettofactory and press the Enter key.
    Note: If the smartphone has a password enabled, that password needs to be specified on the command line. For instance, type in ./bbdm -password 12345 resettofactory if 12345 is your BlackBerry smartphone password).

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For BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1:

  • Open the BlackBerry Manager.
  • Select the BlackBerry Domain.
  • Click on Edit Properties.
  • Select the IT Policy option.
  • Double-click on IT Policies.
  • Select the appropriate IT policy or create a new one and then click on Properties.
  • Select the Security option.
  • Set the Reset to Factory Defaults on Wipe drop-down list to True.
  • Click OK to apply changes and exit the application.
  • Assign the IT policy to a BlackBerry smartphone user.
  • Right-click on the BlackBerry smartphone user and select Erase Data and Disable Handheld.

For BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0:

  • Log into the BlackBerry Administration Service with an account that can create or edit the IT policies.
    For example, Enterprise Administrator or Security Administrator roles.
  • Under the BlackBerry solution management, expand the Policy tab.
  • Click on Create an IT policy or
    • Click Manage IT policies
    • Select the IT Policy to alter
    • Go to Step 6
  • Assign a name.
  • Click Save, then click the new IT policy name.
  • Click Edit IT policy.
  • Click the Security tab.
  • Set the Reset to Factory Defaults on Wipe drop-down list to True.
  • Click Save all.
  • Assign the IT policy to a BlackBerry smartphone user.
  • Select the PIN number of the BlackBerry smartphone user from Manage users and choose to Delete all device data and disable device to perform a factory reset.

Factory Reset Blackberry using Settings app

If you have access to the internal system of your smartphone, you can simply use the system option to factory reset Blackberry device.

  • From the home screen of your device, click the Blackberry icon and select Options from the pop-up menu.

  • Use the Options screen to scroll down and head over to Security->Security Wipe to begin the factory reset on your Blackberry device.
  • If you wish to delete all your system and personal data (messages, contacts, emails, apps etc.), make sure you select the check box.
  • As a confirmation, you will need to type “blackberry” into the empty box at the bottom of the screen.

  • Type in the confirmation and hit Wipe Data to factory reset Blackberry, which will take a few minutes to complete.

Depending on whether you have chosen to format your personal data stored on the device and the media card or not, the phone will reset and revert back to factory settings. At this point, you can go ahead and set up your recently flashed device as a brand new phone.

How to Perform Soft Reset on Blackberry

A soft reset is essentially like hitting the refresh button on your Blackberry device. This action does not affect your system data and apps, but simply stops all processes at once. Soft reset on Blackberry is useful if your device has become sluggish and you need to speed things up a bit.

Note: Soft reset can only be performed on Blackberry devices with a QWERTY keyboard, for example – Blackberry Torch 9810, Blackberry Bold 9900 and others.

  • Begin by pressing and holding down the Alt key on your Blackberry device’s keyboard.
  • While pressing and holding down the Alt key, use your other hand to press down and hold the Right Shift key on your device.
  • As you have the Alt key and the Right Shift key pressed and held, use another finger to press and hold down the Backspace/Delete key on your Blackberry’s keyboard.
  • Continue to press these three buttons simultaneously until the screen of your phone turns off.
  • This is an indication that the soft reset has been initiated, at which point you can let go of the keys.

Your Blackberry device will now complete the soft reset and revert back to the home screen. None of your data will be deleted at this point, but the soft reset should help speed up your Blackberry right away.

How to Perform Hard Reset on Blackberry

Long-term Blackberry users should not be surprised by the fact that the device can hang up and start to stutter sometimes. At this point, if a soft reset isn’t solving the issue, you might have to go for a hard reset.

Note: For devices without a QWERTY keyboard, hard factory reset is the only way to hit the refresh button without losing any of the device data.

  • Remove the back battery cover of your Blackberry device with the device still turned on.
  • Slowly and carefully remove the battery from its slot and pull it out to make the Blackberry device turn off.
  • Wait for a minute or two and insert the battery again into the slot and place the back battery cover again.
  • Press and hold the Power button on your Blackberry device to make the device boot up, officially completing the hard reset process.

Compared to the soft reset process, it might take longer for the device to reboot after you perform a hard reset on Blackberry. However, if these two alternative modes to reset your device don’t work, factory reset Blackberry may be the only choice you have.


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