5 Android money making apps you should use right now

After spending hundreds of dollars on your Android smartphone and paying a recurring amount on your phone bills, isn’t it time you earned back some of it? While your phone may have never seemed like a tool to start making money, there are plenty of Android money making apps that will change your mind.

As comical as it may seem, rather than paying for apps on the Google Play Store, you can find apps that pay you for using them. Whether it is in the form of shopping rebates and gift cards, or hard cash transferred to your bank account for completing simple tasks and filling out surveys, here are some of the best money making apps for Android that can help you earn a few bucks with minimum effort.


Have you ever thought of getting paid to watch your favorite TV shows or listen to your favorite music tracks? It may seem only possible in the dream of a true couch potato, but Viggle brings this dream to life. All you need to do is set up the app on your Android phone, check in every time you are listening to music and watching TV shows live or using services like Amazon, Netflix and others.

You can even watch free shows and listen to music using the Viggle app itself, and be rewarded for your pleasure in the form of Perk Points. You can then use these Perk Points to buy gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, PayPal and many others, and even trade them in to get free gifts like Bluetooth music speakers, headphones and more.

Download Viggle on the Google Play Store


This is a must-use app for smart shoppers and people who are always looking to save money while getting the groceries. Apart from giving your great deals on products and stores around your city, Shopkick also helps you score more rewards by simply visiting their recommended stores and scanning product using their app.

Available across dozens of stores across the United States like Macy’s, Walmart, Best Buy, American Eagle and many others, you can earn your rewards in the form of “kicks”. Once you have enough reward points collected with Shopkick, trade them in to get yourself a free gift card from any of the several popular retailer stores that are listed on their app.

Download Shopkick on the Google Play Store

Google Opinion Rewards

If you still have trust issues on whether or not these money making apps work, you’ll be surprised to know that Google also offers one of these types of rewarding apps. Google Opinion Rewards is a great example of how market research in the form of surveys and quizzes can help you earn cash for apps usage on Android with minimum effort involved.

All you need to do is download the Google Opinion Rewards app to your phone and set it up using your personal details and Google account. Once your account is validated, Google will occasionally send you short surveys to fill up and reward you with Google Play credits in return. You can then spend these credits on the Google Play Store to purchase anything from apps and games to movies and books right away.

Download Google Opinion Rewards on the Play Store


Are you a photography enthusiast who is looking for an easy way to make money with the help of your artwork? Thanks to a money making app for Android called Clashot, your snapped photo is now worth a good amount of money with millions of buyers on Depositphotos ready to get their hands on it.

Simply download the app and submit photos taken for any genre or subject area, which will then be moderated in a few hours. Once approved, your image will be sent out on the marketplace and you will be notified when your photo has a buyer. One image can be sold multiple times, so you end up making a commission as long as your photo sells.

Get Clashot on the Google Play Store


Imagine using your Android phone just as you regularly do and still being paid in pocket change for doing nothing at all. Fronto is such a lock screen app for Android that puts up interesting articles, popular promotions and deals on your lock screen and helps you earn money while doing so.

All you need to do is download the Fronto app, register with your login credentials and you’re all set to start making money with your phone. While the app is currently only available for users in the United States, it is one of the few money making apps that rewards you without asking you to fill up any surveys or perform any tasks.

Get Fronto on the Google Play Store

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