Best Antivirus Software 2017

Its been along time since we looked at the best antivirus software on basictechtricks. A great way to start the year is to look at the best antivirus software vendors for 2017. Some things have changed since we last looked at antivirus and the vendor rankings will change year to year. A Lot of people now have upto 3 devices per person to protect, this could include a desktop computer a phone or tablet device. All the the above need to be protected, as even the most experienced user can get malware / virus.

Best Antivirus Software 2017

Best Antivirus Software 2017

What’s the most important security measure you can take?

Knowledge of how viruses and malware work and how they infect a device. Take a look at these 6 common types of malware and make yourself familiar. Threat vectors (how a virus gets on your device) are something you should know. Make note that emails with attachments from unknown senders or senders appearing to be a legitimate source, still to this day malware writers use attachments for postal companies claiming a bill or receipt is in the email however, the attachment has a trojan payload.

Patching – Software updates

The second most important piece of advice for keeping your device virus free is make sure you software is upto date with the most up to date patch possible. A patch is an update to fix code vulnerable code or add onto code for more features. Companies like microsoft, Apple, Google and more will release updates for their respective software’s as they see errors or vulnerabilities in their software. You might have seen this if you are running a windows computer. Windows 10 will generally update and install it’s patches automatically so you don’t have to. Keeping all your devices up to date is very important this includes iphones from apple.

Antivirus software – which is best for 2017?

Basictechtricks recommends Panda internet Security for your device. We have taken a number of virtual machines and loaded viruses and malware onto them and installed vendors antivirus software to see what stopped the most malware, we also weight the ratings with how good support is and ease of use. Panda have 30 days money back, 24/7 support with a light footprint on your device, meaning it won’t be slowed down.
Also it’s important that Panda antivirus also works on Windows, Apple, Android and ios.


 Can Mac’s Get A Virus?

I have put this in here because the question gets asked a lot. Yes Mac / Apple computers devices can virus. To be more specific, it is harder for them to get a virus to to enclosed environments however still not impossible, especially on jail broken or cracked phones and devices.

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