How to Fix Error 905 – Google Play Store Error

Have you been looking for the right solution on how to fix error 905 on the Google Play Store? As wonderful as it is to have the largest collection of mobile apps at your disposal, the Google Play Store can shoot up random errors from time to time. However, error 905 on Android is specifically related to large app files and data-intensive games.

How to Fix Error 905 - Play Store error 305


In fact, error 905 is so common that Warner Bros Games has created a page on their website dedicated to the solution on how to fix error 905. Since most of their awesome games are gigantic in size, the error is quite common and often experienced by users. So here is a simple and detailed tutorial on fixing error 905 on Android.

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Step 1: Open Settings and go to Apps

Error 905 has been reported to be caused due to corrupt file data or failed update in the Google Play Store. The most promising solution for this error is to remove the latest updates installed for the Play Store app and install them again.

How to Fix Error 905 - Settings app

Go to the Settings App on your Android device by pressing the gear-shaped icon in the notification window or in the app drawer. In Settings, scroll down to find Apps and then search for Google Play Store. Depending on your Android version, the apps may appear under “App Manager” or “App Management”.

Step 2: Uninstall Google Play Store updates

Once you find it, tap on the Google Play Store icon, which will give your app related details about the app. Tap on “Uninstall updates” to revert the Google Play Store app back to its original version.

How to Fix Error 905 - Settings

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Although not necessary, but it is suggested that you also press the “Clear data” and “Clear cache” buttons as well. Doing this will help you on how to fix error 905 by removing any corrupt files that may have been left behind in the system.

How to Fix Error 905 - uninstall updates

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Step 3: Update Google Play Store

Now that the Play Store app have been reverted back to its factory settings, it is time to update it to the latest version. The best part about this is that you don’t have to download or install the updates manually since Google Play Services does it for you.

Just start off by opening the Google Play Store app and wait for it to open up. Depending on your internet connection, the Play Store app will shortly update itself and hopefully fix error 905 along with it. Try downloading the app or game that gave you error 905 earlier and confirm whether the issue has been fixed or not.

If you’re having trouble in following this guide on how to fix error 905 on the Android Google Play Store, here is a quick video tutorial for you:

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