How to Root ZTE Max Phone

Chances are you have a zte zinger or any phone in the zte z series that’s not doing as much you’d want. Well, don’t worry.  In this article, we’re going to show you how to root zte zmax as well as zte zinger, zte970, zte z730, and zte v768. The steps are fairly simply and straightforward. Just make sure you follow each step correctly so that you won’t miss a thing. So, here we go.


Rooting is a process that requires a couple of things. Before you root your zte device, make sure that you have the following ready:

  • Desktop or Laptop with a functional USB port.
  • File manager app running on your device.
  • Enough battery power (at least 60% charge)
  • Enable USB debugging mode in Developer Options
  • Enable Unknown source options in security settings

Most importantly, you should know how to access file manager and install APK files from the root folder.

Best Apps for Rooting ZTE devices

While there are many apps that you can use to root your device, we strongly recommend that you download and use the following apps when rooting your device. All 3 are available for free at Google Play Store:

  • Root Checker – hands down one of the best apps for testing root access for most android devices. It’s simple and reliable.
  • SuperUser – developed by Stephen, it’s a handy app for granting and managing superruser rights on android phones.
  • Busybox – certainly, a must have if you’re rooting your ZTE phone. Required by most rooted phones for apps to work.

Mae sure that you install SuperUser and RootChecker before you start rooting your phone. Thereafter, you can install Busybox once the device has been rooted.

How to Root ZTE Zinger

ZTE Zinger is a smartphone with immense potential. You can only harness its raw power by rooting it. If would like to expand the capability of your device, read on to find how to root zte max using Super-root apk. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1- Download Super-Root.apk for rooting ZTE Zinger

Step 2- Plug your device to your PC using the USB cable.

Step 3- Transfer Super-Root.apk to your SD card.

Step 4- Once copied, unplug the device from your PC.

Step 5- Go to your Menu-> Settings –> Security and then enable Unknown source options.

Step 6- Go to file manager app and run the app you copied

Step 7- Launch the app from App drawer once installation is complete

Step 8- Select install SuperSU then choose exploit and tap on it. Your app should start rooting device.

Step 9-   Reboot your device and you’re done.

Video Tutorial to root zte zinger 

How to root zte z970

Got a zte z970 that’s not doing as much as you want. Follow the steps to root your ZTE z90 quickly.

Step 1- Download KingRoot APK to your PC

Step 2- Connect your Zte z90 to your PC via USB

Step 3 – Go to the download folder and then transfer the apk file to your SD card

Step 4- Unplug your phone then install the app on your device.

Step 5- Once installed, go to app drawer then open King Root app.

Step 6- Go to the bottom of the screen then hit the Start Root button

Wait for a minute or two and you get a prompt message that your device has been rooted. Once rooted, reboot your phone and you will see the SuperSU app. That’s it!

Video Tutorial to root zte z970

How to root the ZTE Z730

If you are one of those people who use ZTE z730 but don’t seem to get the best out of it, the solution lies in rooting your device. Rooting your ZTE Z730 is a simple and straightforward process. Once you have met the prerequisites, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Download and install USB drivers for ZTE Z730 to your PC

Step 2- Run the main program to check whether the required drivers are installed

Step 3 – Next,  go to System Systems -> Developer Options and enable USB debugging on your ZTE Z730 phone

Step 4– Download the root package to your computer and extract to own folder

Step 5 – From the root folder, runADA-ASAC-Root.exe batch file and wait for your  ZTE Z730 to be rooted.

Your device will reboot a couple of times and eventually go to recovery mode. If your see a message that says root access if lost, tap “yes” to fix it.

Video Tutorial to Root ZTE z730

How To Root The Zte Zmax

So far, you’ve learnt how to root zte zinger and zte, now we’re going to look at how to root zte max. The steps are pretty much similar. Here we go:

Step 1 Download Framaroot rooting package to your device

Step 2-  Don’t extract the folder to your PC. Leave it zipped

Step 3- Connect Zmax to your PC with a USB cable.

Step 4- Move Framaroot file to the internal storage (SD card) of your device.

Step 5- Unplug your device from the PC

Step 6- Go to file manager application and open the rooting file.

Step 7- Go to app drawer and launch the app from there.

Step 8- Once you open the app, tap on SuperSu option to install it.

Step 9- Go to XDA developer form and choose the exploit that works perfectly for your device. You can choose from Frodo, Sam, or Aragorn.

Step 10- Leave the app to root your device. Don’t interrupt until the process is complete.

Step 11- Finally, reboot your device and you will have root access.

Note: Make sure that you select a rooting method that works for your device.

Bravo! Your phone has finally been rooted and ready to install root-only apps from Google Play plus custom recovery.

Video Tutorial to Root ZTE max

How to Root Zte v768 2.3.7

Chances are you have a ZTE v768 running on android 2.3.7 that you desperately want to root but don’t know how to go about it. Don’t fret. Just follow the steps below and you will be able to root your ZTE concord device quickly.

Step 1- Download One Click Root to your PC or laptop

Step 2- Connect your ZTE v768 to your PC using a USB cable

Step 3- Enable USB debugging from the prompt that comes to your screen or go to system under systems to enable it.

Step 4- Transfer One Click Root

file from your PC to the SD card of your device.

Step 5- Open the rooting file from the app manager and then launch it

Step 6- Run one click root and let the app complete the process

Step 7- Once done, select Reboot system option then install SuperSU and BusyBox.

That’s it. Within a few minutes, your ZTE v768 will be successfully rooted.

Video Tutorial to Root ZTE v768 2.3.7

Why Root ZTE Max, ZTE Zinger and other ZTE phones?

So many people feel their ZTE phones are not meeting their expectations. Rooting your phone then naturally becomes the surest way of unlocking the full potential of your phone. By rooting your device, you can easily install  android apps for rooted devices that were initially deemed incompatible. You’ll enjoy access to numerous apps from Playstore and other websites.  What’s more? You will now be able to install custom roms to change your Android skin. Also, you can install and test the latest android version before it’s released officially.

Once you root your ZTE, you will be able to access new android features in your device and extend the daily battery life by upto 4 hours. You will also start enjoy better and faster performance as you will be able to remove bloatware so as to reduce RAM and CPU usage resulting in a better user experience.

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Now that you know how to root zte zmax and zte zinger as well as other phones in the zte series, you can root your phone comfortably. Just make sure that you follow the steps carefully to avoid going back and forth.

Note: Rooting your device will automatically void its warranty.

Loved the article on how to root ZTE max and other ZTE smartphones or got a question? Share your thoughts by commenting below. We’ll gladly answer your question about rooting ZTE devices.

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