10 Awesome Websites to Download Mobile Movies FREE!

This is the updated version of the article we wrote a few years ago. Naturally, a lot of things have changed since then and new and better sites have become available to download free movies online.

If you own a smartphone or 3G phone, chances are you’re always looking for the best sites to download the latest movies or your favorite dramas online. There are many sites where you can watch or download movies online but not all of them are worth your time or money. So, if you really want to grab the latest movies in MP4 or AVI format, here are the top places to kickstart your free mobile movies download today.

1. Waptrick.com

Waptrick needs no introduction. Actually, it’s is one of the pioneer mobile download websites. Waptrick carries one of the biggest collection of MP4 movies on the web. What I like is that Waptrick movies are organized into categories. You can easily search, find, and download your favorite movie. Whether you love watching Cartoon/Animation movies, Animal movies, Drama, Romance, or Celebrity movies, Waptrick has something for everyone. What’s more? Waptrick is available in multiple languages. That means you can browse and view movies in your native language.

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2. Mp4movies4Mobile

I have used Mp4movies4Mobile a number of times to download mobile movies free online and it ranks high up with Waptrick in terms of video quality and organization. The website carries a fairly huge collection of Hollywood movies. What I like about mp4movies4mobile is that movies are organized into categories and content is updated regularly. I’d recommend that you check out this site for any of the latest movie releases before you head anywhere else. To find a movie, simply click the category that you want or type the name of the movie on the search box.

3. ClubMP4.com

As the name suggests, ClubMP4 is purely an MP4 free mobile movies download website.  This site carries a selection of English movies and Hindu movies in MP4 format. I like this site because movies are organized in categories.  When browsing this site, I also realized that the site has a collection of English TV series and animation series. There’s also collection of TNA, RAW, or Smack Down vids. So if you missed any of the past wrestling bouts featuring your favorite wrestler, go over and check out that editor. As long as you have the bandwidth, you can download and watch as many movies as you want at ClubMP4 for hours on end.

4. Mp4mobilemovie.net

A friend referred me to Mp4mobilemovie  a while ago.  Though I found it pretty basic, I was happy to find and download MP4 movies free. Movies are organized into categories such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Dual Audio, and Dubbed movies.  Besides movies, there are also English TV Series, Cartoon/Animation, popular TV shows and past episodes of Wrestling Shows. The majority of movies here good playback quality. With a great variety of top Hollywood and Bollywood flicks, mp4mobilemovie will certainly keep you hooked to your mobile screen for hours on end.

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5. New3GPMovies.Com

I have used New3GPMovies, a couple of times and that’s why I am featuring it on this list. New3GPMovies is a great site to download mobile movies free. Here, you will find a huge collection of Hollywood flicks (which number 1,000 +). Movies are organized into categories which makes it easy to find just about any kind of movie that you want. You can view movies by category or search them via the search function. What I like about this site is that movies are available in Mp4 and in HD playback quality. The site also carries an extensive collection of Hollywood flicks. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

6. MoviesforAndroid

Are you looking for movies that can play on your android device? Look no further. MoviesforAndroid is a great place to explore all the latest movies for android devices. Navigating the site is easy as there’s a top menu something most mobile movie sites don’t have. Movies are categorized into Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, and Sci-fi.  So, it’s really easy to check out the movies and download them. I also like this site because it’s clutter free and doesn’t have those annoying pop links.

7. 3GP Mobile Movies

Chances are you’ve already check out this site because we featured it in the last list we did (showing that it has been consistent) 3GP Mobile movies has always been a great resource to download movies for mobile free. Here, you will find the latest Hollywood movies and a large collection of Hindu movies in MP4. I love this site because movies are listed in categories. Whether you are looking for Action movies or Sci-fi, or Horror movies, can easily find your favorite movies here. What’s more? You can stream movies in browser or download mobile movies and watch them on your phone.

8. MobileMovieZone.com

If you’re looking for a top and reliable free mobile movies downloads website, Mobilemoviezone.com is the right place to start. Few mobile movies sites boast of a variety and a collection such as the one MobileMovieZone.com offers. You have plenty of options to explore and download free movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and across the world.  With a huge selection of Hollywood flicks, you’re never going to run short of options on what to watch. MobileMovieOne comes with a search function that lets you search for movies quickly.

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9. Smokeymovie

I know Smokeymovie might not be a familiar name for some of you but it has a wonderful collection of mobile movies.  Movies are organized into categories.  There’s also a search function that lets you search for any movie. What I like about this site is that movies are added often. You can watch movies in-browser by streaming them or download and watch them on your mobile phone.  I’d recommend this site because it clean and doesn’t have hidden links or those annoying pop-up ads that show up on most download sites.

10. MobileMovieZone.in

This site joins the rank of the best websites to download mobile movies free online. Though fairly new, MobileMoviez offers visitors a great collection of top Hollywood movies as well as a huge selection of Bollywood movies.  Movies are organized int categories.  I have used it a couple of times to download mobile in MP4 format and I have never been disappointed. You need Real Player, VLC, Divx, and Core Player to watch movies on this site.  You can download and watch as many Hollywood as you have so long as you have enough data bundles on your mobile phone.

Some Closing Words

Well, these are our 10 best free movie download websites to find and download the latest movies to your mobile devices absolutely free. We’ve based our research not just on the level of popularity but the level of trust and the degree of reliability of these websites. Personally, I use Waptrick to download mobile movies because I am used to and because it well-organized.

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Do you have another great site where folks can download mobile movies free online? Don’t hesitate to share any good sites that you know here. We may add to this list so that folks can access and download mobile movies as well! If you use something else that isn’t on this list, share it in the comments and we will look into it.


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