The Biggest Mobile Discount sale – Jumia Mobile Week Megathon

Jumia is doing it again and this time it is called Jumia Mobile Week Megathon. The event which is focused in giving the Nigerian mobile users one of the greatest surprise ever. Remember the BlackFriday?? Yea, I know you do but this promises to be better and off the hook. Jumia Mobile Week Megathon promises to provide a huge price slash to mobile devices on its sites which are coming across different phone brands.

Jumia mobile week megathon

So, are you planning on changing, upgrading and get a new phone, then i will gladly say this Megathon is for you and I want you to enjoy everything that comes with it so I will completely provide you the necessary break down on how the Mobile week will run so you can prepare for Jumia amazing price shock.

But First, to partake in this amazing offer you need to Sign Up! and to do that please follow the link Jumia Mobile Week

After registering with your email, you will updated on the progress of the week of the amazing offers and also discount on their products in future

The Jumia Mobile Week Megathon Plan

Its going to be a 7 days program and each day a mobile brand products will be slashed, so that will mean there will be 7 mobile brands available on this Megathon. Below is a image showing you the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon Plan and brands days so you can take note of your favorite mobile brand.

Jumia Megathon calenderIts promises to be awesome, as the mobile Megathon comes across almost all mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows  and so on.

MTN Will Give Free Data To Each Phone

MTN promises to give  3GB of free data to each phone that is bought doing that week, is that not amazing!! the 3GB will last for 6months. So if you want free mobile data then you should buy your phone during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon.

That what the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon is about and its going to be great, even I personally am looking up to the event so I can also change my phone 😉 . Inform other by simply sharing this post to your friends and loved ones so take part in the JUMIA MOBILE WEEK MEGATHON!!!!!!


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