Simple Tips To Make Your Android Tablet Faster

Having a slow tablet or anything device is not really fun and exciting as it suppose to be that why am writing on tips to make android Tablet faster and better and bring back that old fun you normally have when you first bought the android Tablet, when talking about Android Tablet it just like a android phone or a computer and there are lots of reason why your android tablet can become slow and this we are going to discuss and possible gives tips on how to bring such Tablet back to life.

how to speed uo your android tablet When you first bought your Tablet, you must have found out that the Tablet was fast and sweet to operate, play games and so on but after some certain period and time, the tablet tends to get slow and what you enjoy such as the speed will not be what it is before, so for you to maintain such speed and entertainment from the Tablet you need to work on some tips regularly.

Normally, the way you use a tablet or a phone and due to different operations and so on done on the phone you will notice that some data tends to save thereby affecting the smooth running of the device. So some of this tips will concentrate on such data and how to get ride of them. Let get on with the main topic, how to make your Android Tablet faster.

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Amazing Simple Tips To Make Your Android Tablet Faster

To the main point of the post, The tips I will share some are simple tips which you know about and sometimes fail to take as an important factor for a faster performance of your device and I strongly suggest you take everything I write in this post seriously and do make sure you try all and enjoy the speed which you once had when you first acquired the Tablet.


Uninstall Unnecessary Apps On Your Tablet

Some of us are use to downloading all kinds of apps and installing them on your tablet and the funny thing is that this app has not importance or usefulness to us and our operation but we just love gathering apps on our device so that you can have lots of icons and your tablet apps can be much.

This is one of the major causes of slow performance for 90% of tablet but when there are too much apps, all they do is occupy space and do not allow other applications work well as they are suppose because the space which they need to run well is currently occupied and sadly by a app which you have not used for months or at all. These need space to run thereby when trying to force out space tends to give delay when operating.

So My advice, Uninstall all unnecessary applications on your tablet and create enough space for your apps to operate well.


Always Have Clean Screen (Both Internal and External)

Having a Tablet and not caring about cleaning the external and internal screen can also cause slow response in Tablets, as we all know Tablets are touch screen and will have lots of finger prints and most of these stains will pile up when not properly cleaned as proper. The stains therefore causes a delay in response with the screen so most times when you operate your tab and you get a slow response especially from a stained section, you should probably clean it .

Also the internal screen, some of us like our Tablet should have lots of icons in the home screen,  this normally causes a delay and slow behavior especially when it comes to RAM of the Tablet, so I strongly suggest that only the important and well used icons should be left in the home screen and expect a faster operation.


Clear Cache Regularly

The main cause of slow response from your Tablet is because of space (Memory) either from the RAM, Processor or the Storage space and sometimes the Cache always one of the space eater without you knowing and caused storage space failure, clearing the cache of applications is a sure fire way of getting free space and also reducing if not ending the slowish behavior from your Android tablet. So clearing of Cache should be strongly considered.


Too Much Customization

One of the greatest feature or should I call it reason why people like Android OS is because of the level of freedom and customization which can be done to your device to suit what you want and this customization which we do at times actually has a negative effect on device and as this case may be your Android Tablet .

When many applications run at the same time thereby not allowing the RAM to preform well and this what some of the customization which we do to our devices does, some of this live wallpapers and so on does. so I suggest you get rid of the customization and see how it goes or you can simply reduce the level of customization too.


Clean Up Your External Storage Regularly

I read an article which strong suggest cleaning up your external storage regularly or formatting your external storage like every 3 months as this helps a lot in cleaning all the unnecessary data in the memory card. you can also try this to but make sure you have a backup of your files so you won’t loose any information.

Monitor Your Application Processes

Monitoring your Application process through task manager is really good as it will inform about the applications that needs or that uses lots of space to operate and also show you which apps are running in the background without you knowing, In this same task manager you have the right to remove or end operation of any application that you don’t want again or any background app which was running. You can also download other advanced task manager apps to make you monitor the whole process well.


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If you are facing this slow performance from your Android Tablet, then I strongly recommend you try this tips I mentioned above as I know it will help change the story of an annoying slow Android Tablet to a Fast android tablet. This is one of the best guide you will get online on how to Speed up Your Android Tablet and the tips works, so give it a try and don’t forget to leave a comment of share on social media.


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