8 Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online

Watching free movies online is really a hot topic on the internet and streaming it the right way matters and pays more than streaming movies online illegally, there are many sites that allow you watch and stream movies for free and you don’t need to download anything and you may know that there are also other sites that allow you watch TV online for free and we in BasicTechTricks will soon write about it.

free movie streaming sites

Like I have stated above there are lots of sites that will allow you watch free movies online but when it comes to quality, streaming of quality movies, low adverts and most importantly Legal movie streaming then there are a very countable websites that will be able to provide us that.

Lots of us prefer these free movie streaming websites which are totally illegal and its against the law, and also you get less quality, low updates, lots of ads, too much clicking and so on to watch a movie you will end up not enjoying because of the audio quality or visual quality, but in this post I have gathered the best to the best which provides the best of the best movies and has a very fast update and has all the movies you love and yes, 90% of them are paid.

if you don’t find the movie you want you can easily go and buy the DVD in the store or order for it online.

Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online


crackle movie siteThis Crackle Tops my list as the best free movie streaming site you can find because it has almost all if not all the category of movies you love such as action, comedy, Sci-fi, horror, drama and Thriller so you see, it has everything you are looking for.

Crackle is also into a partnership with Sony Pictures which means all Sony Pictures movies will be available on Crackle for free streaming for its users and these movie which you can watch for free legally and it has only few advert once in a while and little commercial breaks and that all.

Thinking of which site you can watch or stream free movies online, check out Crackle and you will be impressed.


 hulu free movie streaming onlineHulu is a site you should not put aside especially when you are considers sites which allows you stream movies for free online, HULU is widely known all around the world. The site is popular known and as a partnership with Miramax and Criterion Collection so when you talk about movies HULU is loaded with them.

Hulu has a lot of movie which you can watch free movies from online without thinking of paying a dollar or cent and also streaming movies and knowing it legal and you are safe while doing so.

Though, to have access to more movies especially HD movies you need to you need to subscribe to HULU plus and enjoy streaming of HD movies at your comfort.

Hulu has thousands of long length TV series and episodes on the site and also documentaries are also available.


viewster watch free moviesviewster watch free moviesviewster watch free moviesViewster is a site which allows you watch free movies online, the site has a fair collection of movies and they also have a lot of TV show for free streaming.

The movies available in the site are mostly movies you have heard of and some you have not heard off so its a site you should check out and watch free movies from your computer easily.


Popcornflix movie streaming sitePopcornflix is a good place to be about the free movies streaming site, it has a lot of great movies in stock for you. Their movie library is always updated so almost all your movies which you are looking for will be available in the site

The site has over 1,500+ movies of different categories such as comedy, drama, horror and so on which you have a lot of movies to knock yourself to sleep and all these movies are stream able online for free.



 youtube siteSome will seriously disagree that there are no movies in Youtube but am saying that there are movies on Youtube that you can stream for free and watch it, do you know that you can rent movies from Youtube, I just heard about it so am also trying to find out how it works.

There are some movies that are on Youtube not trailers or clips but full length movies are found there, some of the movies are not recent movies but there are movies there which you can watch for free online, so try to search thoroughly.



yidio free movie streaming siteWhen it comes to a website for free movie streaming which has different categories and it designed to satisfy you, then you should highly consider Yidio as it is awesome.

There are lots of movies to be watched in the site and am very sure you will really like the site because of its movies and how it’s very easy to navigate, you will find movies of western, television, musical and performance arts and so on.

So when looking for free movies to stream online, Yidio is a site to consider, totally awesome.


SNAGFILMS movies streaming siteThis is a new sites for watching free movies online and it has over 10,000 movies and also documentaries, the movies are added and also graded, when you watch a movie, you can also grade it to according to how please you are about the movie.

You can logged on to SnagFilms by using your online accounts such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and so on as this also gives an avenue to communicate with friends and make new friends there. The main important thing is that you can watch and streaming movies, documentaries for free. Easily!


Internet Archive Movie Archive

internet archive movie sitesThis is a public domain and its another prefect site to find movies online that falls under public domain so its possible to stream the movies and sometimes download them.

But be also sure to check their blog which will help you find free online movies and sites that are legal and most popular.


Conclusion on Watching Free Movies Online

There are lots of sites out there that allows free movie streaming online but the big question is, how many of these sites are legal or legit and not against the law or bombarded with adverts just to make money of their viewers. The sites mentioned in this post are legal sites and you don’t break any law when you stream movies free from these sites. So its something that worth considering.


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