Glo Nigeria Data Plan And Subscription Codes

Glo is a very well used and well connected network in Nigeria, knowing Glo data plan  or bundle plan, how to subscribe to data plan and there prices is very essential which will help in preventing you from mistakely subscribing for another data plan and let your money just go off that way.

glo data plan, subscription codes and prices

So in this post, I will list out all Glo data plans, the subscription codes( activation codes ) and also the prices so that you can sit down and choose which one will actually benefit you among the data plans in the list. Glo offers different plans but the are majorly divided into 3  which is the Daily Plan. Weekly Plan, Flexi Plan, Blackberry Standard Plan and the Blackberry 10 Plans. So you see there lots of plans to choose from for you to enjoy their internet connection.

Glo are well known for their self care service where data users can actually, check used data, share data, buy and gift data and so on. All you have to do is visit and this site is only applicable with devices using the GLO BOLT.


GLO Daily Data Plan, Subscription Codes And Prices For the Plans

Plan NameData VolumePrice (N)Validitytext to 127USSD Code
Always Day195MB5001 Day10*127*3#
Instant Surf20MB1001 Day51*127*51#
Smallie50MB2003 Days56*127*56#


GLO Weekly Data Plan, Subscription Codes And Prices For the Plans

Plan NameData VolumePrice (N)ValiditySMS to 127USSD Code
One Week65MB4007 Days52*127*52#
Big Week150MB5007 Days57*127*57#


GLO Flexi Data Plan, Subscription Codes And Prices For the Plans

Plan NameData VolumePrice (N)ValidityText to 127USSD Code
G 1004GB6,000100 Hrs or 30 days20*127*5#
G 30012GB15,000300 Hrs or 3 Months21*127*4#
G-Leisure4GB5,0008 AM to 9 PM – daily + All day on Weekends30*127*7#
G-Work4GB6,0008 AM to 9 PM31*127*6#


Best Glo Data Plans For Mobile And Tablets, Subscription Codes And Prices

Plan NameData VolumePrice (N)ValidityText to 127Code USSD
Instant Surf20MB10024 hours51*127*51#
Smallie50MB2003 days56*127*56#
One Week65MB4007 days52*127*52#
Big Week150MB5007 days57*127*57#
Always Micro350MB1,00030 days53*127*53#
My Phone800MB2,00030 days55*127*55#
Always Macro1.5GB3,00030 days54*127*54#


Best Glo Data Plans For Routers, Subscription Codes And Prices

Plan NameData VolumePrice (N)ValidityText To 127USSD Code
Silver11GB10,00030 days15*127*11#
Gold17GB15,00030 days16*127*12#
Platinum21GB18,00030 days17*127*13#


That are all their data plans apart from that of Glo Blackberry plans and  that of Blackberry 10 data plans, so if you are interested in Glo data plan and you want to know how to subscribe, just browse through the plan above and see those that fit yourself and subscribe for the plan, you can subscribe to the plan through Texting the plan code to 127 or by just dialing the Plan’s USSD code and you will receive some messages alerting you if the operation was successful or not, also you have to make sure you have sufficient data plan to enable you have a successful operation when trying to subscribe.

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How Do You Check Your Glo Data Plan Balance

It also very good to know how to check your Glo data plan balance at least it will help you know when you are about exhausting the plan or when your data is expiring to be able to prepare for another subscription.

So to check the balance of the Glo data Plan

Text “INFO“to 127 or simply dial “*127*0#

And you will receive a pop up message, that will give you information of your data plan such as Date of expiration, Data Balance and so on.

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So if you have any questions or queries concerning Glo Data plans, Glo subscriptions codes and also the prices, then please use the comment box and i will answer those that I have knowledge of but for technical issues please contact their consumer care center. Please do share this post and let others close to you be informed too.


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