Best Mp3 Downloader For Android For Music Lovers

When you are a music lover and all you do is simply download mp3 tracks, then looking for a faster and quick access to music mp3 is what you need, The best MP3 downloader for android is what you should consider, you must be thinking why I moved straight to android and I will explain why; it simply because everything is going mobile and also you know that android is one of the most used smartphone right now that why am touching it first.

best mp3 downloader app for androidBefore you can call a app or group of apps as the Best Mp3 Downloader for Android there are certain features you need to consider and one the factors I will use to create this awesome list is from the rating and also the rate of download from PlayStore. but the most important thing is that the app must be able to download MP3 for free especially music mp3.

Normally, what this app does is that it searches through public search engines and gives you the mp3 music you want to download for free, some other apps have this database where users share musics to the same database so you can simple find what you want as far someone has uploaded it.

Now its quiet easy to get data to downloads both videos, mp3, files because WiFi is accessible everywhere so everything is changing and it also good to change with the flow. no need to go to search engines to download MP3 music files let the app be the one that will do that work for you. All you need to do is seat and watch how this apps works. This post will show you the best of the best mp3 downloader for android and I know its the music lovers that will love this post well.

So, lets go straight the the point.

Best Mp3 Downloader For Android For Free

As I said much earlier, I will be grading these various free music or mp3 downloader based on Rating, Downloads on playStore and also to prove this result, I will share screenshots of this result for you to see to, so when you finally decide to download a one from the list you will know which to download and if it fails as expected to you can bounce to the next one.

Starting with the fast and also highest Rated and highly downloaded mp3 downloader app for android

Easy Downloader mp3 for android

4shared music mp3 downloader for androidThis is a awesome app I must say, you must know of the popular 4shared file sharing site… oooh Yea the own the mp3 downloader app called 4Shared music app, not surprised? yea I know; the name sound alike. So what so cool about this app. First I took time to go to playstore on my computer and in the description it says “the app is created for those who can not live without music” so are you the one the are talking about? I guess as much. The Mp3 downloader app is totally stocked with features and it certainly is a must have for music lovers.

Do you want to know the features? lets go on with it.

Features Of 4Shared Music App for Android

  • It allows you search for music in 4shared
  • It allows you create your own playlist from the Mp3 downloaded
  • You have access to your downloaded songs on your playlist even when you are Offline
  • It allows you upload your own tracks to the popular 4shared file sharing site
  • The 4shared music App gives you 15GB space of uploading songs on the popular 4shared site

What Playstore Has to say about the 4shared Music App

After going through the app on Playstore, looking at the reviews and rating I will say am so impressed with the app, the app has the highest number of downloads with is great. See the images below

4shared music downloads and ratingOver 428,000 downloads and over +116,000 Google +1 to the app, which is very impressive and it also means that the app is well used on android devices, now let see users review after using the app

4shared music review The app got a general rating of 4.2 stars which is really good to me and I can gladly say from the report above, that is the best mp3 downloader for android.

Download 4Shared Music App From Playstore

but there are others too which can do it too. check them out below.


Music Maniac – Mp3 Downloader App

Music Maniac android app for mp3 downloadMusic Maniac is another free music downloader for android and it is next most used after 4shared music, the app actually searches for copyleft and legal music for download. it searches the internet for good mp3 tracks which are legal and hold no rights against downloading it also brings out mp3 which are CC licensed songs. This likely means it search for mp3 tracks from legal music sites such as soundcloud and download music from there.

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The app (Music Maniac – Mp3 Downloader) does not manage it own database so sometime you may likely find non CC songs in your search results and when it does you can report to the app developer and they will fix it as they release new update. The app also allow you preview a particular track or mp3 so if you like it you can simply download it and if you don’t you leave it.

What Playstore Has to say about the Music Maniac App

Its time we see what the users of the app think and feel about it from their rating also also from the downloads too.

music maniac mp3 downloader review

This mp3 downloader (music maniac) app for android has the second highest number of downloads, let see the rating the downloaders and users gave the app

music maniac mp3 downloader3.9 stars is also great feedback too me, from the reviews are read are totally positive, so if you are thinking of a second choice in a app that downloads mp3 for android, you should download this “Music Maniac – Mp3 downloader” this should also do the job.

Download Music Maniac From Playstore


Mp3 Music Download Pro

mp3 music download pro

This is a Pro app for free, that cool. Anthor cool mp3 downloader app which helps work of downloads songs and other tracks easier, it scans through public sites for legal and CC licensed music and downloads it on your request, like I stated in the other one, Mp3 Music Download Pro does not manage its own database so you may find some funny or different format song mixed up in the search result, you can simply report any to them and am very sure the developers will looking into it.

Why is this app among the Top best Mp3 downloaders for android ? let see what Playstore says about the app from its users

Mp3 Music Download Pro reviews

The downloads are pretty high and this is one of the factors that made it the top of the list and also see the recommendation from Google+ users, lets also see the Rating by the users of the app

Mp3 Music Download Pro rating chart4.1 Stars from 50K downloads is okay and nice grade to me, which means over half of the users gave the app 5 stars, and we now that this app works for such users to give these high ratings. You should try this app too.

Download Mp3 Music Download Pro From Playstore

Music Paradise – Mp3 Downloader

music-paradise mp3 downloaderLike the name sounds Music Paradise because this app makes your android device a music paradise where you will never lack any mp3 music on your device, all you have to do is search on the app and it will bring result where you will just choose what you want to download. The app downloads only copyleft and CC Licensed songs. It worth having too, there are report of crashes but its get better everyday.

See the downloads on Playstore

Music_Paradise - mp3 downloader for android

15,ooo+ downloads and also cool recommendation too, check out the rating by users

music paradise review mp3 downloader3.8 Stars.. that cool from 15,000+ downloads, the users are enjoying the app and it also working for them to, so you should also try it out and see how it works for you. And make your device the mp3 paradise with this mp3 downloader app for android.

Download Music Paradise From Playstore


MP3 Music Downloader

Awesome mp3 downloader for android, it does the same functions as the other above, it only downloads legal music from music websites from the internet, it also allows you to preview a mp3 track before even downloading it . its also good as it download copyleft, CC license, and legal mp3 tracks. The app also has the play back, artist info, lyrics viewing, song and so on

Let’s see what Playstore says concerning the Mp3  Music Downloader App

MP3 Music Downloader

Cool  with 14,000 download and over 6,000 G+ votes, wow! check out the rating too

awesome mp3 downloader3.9 Stars from the downloads and over 50% gave a 5 star, the app should work too. you should also try it too.

Above are the top 5 Best Mp3 downloader for Android, I guess that not enough for you. Below are some mp3 downloaders too.

Download Music Mp3 Downloader from Playstore

Here are Other Good Mp3 Downloader App for Android

Here are other top and good mp3 or music downloader for android  which you can also try out too.

Easy Downloader

Easy Downloader mp3 for androidGreat app, over 100,000+ downloads with 4.3 Stars as rating, you should try it out and see how it works, download different mp3 tracks at the same time, downloads only legal and CC licensed mp3, you can purse and also play your downloads and so on, Sorry for not including this downloader in my Top 5 because it worth a spot

Download Easy Downloader From Playstore

Gtunes Music

Gtunes Music downloaderAwesome app which allows you to download musics and mp3 tracks straight to your android device. Easy to use, very simple and interactive interface. Download songs from public website with legal and CC licensed songs.

Download Gtunes Music From Playstore

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Thanks for reading this article, I took time to analyze the apps to give you the best and I hope you got it, the truth is that, these app may crash at times but they work so do forgive them at time. downloading free mp3 songs on android has become much more easier with the best mp3 downloader for android now available. Take hold of this opportunity and experience this app at work. Please do take time to comment as I like to see your comments.


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