Airtel Nigeria Data Plans And Subscription Codes

Airtel is which another popular telecommunication company in Nigeria, they have various data plans also different activation codes for their different plans, so knowing Airtel data plans and the prices of each plan is very important.

Airtel of recent just reviewed the data plan offers, so in this post I will list and mention all Airtel data plans and their prices involved in each data plan followed by the activation codes of the data plans so you will know how to subscribe after deciding which of the plans you want to go with.

Airtel data plan, activation codes and prices of the data plansOf recent, I heard you will enjoy up to 50% percent bonus when you subscribe fro any Airtel data plan and also you will enjoy 2GB free data when you buy a brand new Airtel modem. So if you want to buy their modem, you can simply just walk into any of the Airtel Centres or those tech and telecommunications shops and request for the modem and am sure you will be provided.

So let bounce straight to the main point and reason of this blog post, Below you will find the list of all Airtel Data Bundle Plans, activation codes and also the prices of such plans in Naira of course!. Lets do it!

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans, Subscription Codes And Prices of The Plan

Plan NameData SizePrice (N)ValidityTarget DevicesUSSD Code
Airtel Daily Internet Browsing10MBN10024 hoursHandset *141*712*11#
Airtel Day Internet Browsing150MBN50024 hoursHandset /PC /tablet*141*712*3#
Airtel Weekly Internet Browsing 25MBN40024/7- 7 daysHandset *141*712*9#
Airtel Weekend Internet Browsing3GBN3,000weekendsHandset /PC /tablet*141*712*8#
Airtel Lite Internet Bundle200MBN1,00024/7- 30 daysHandset /PC /tablet*141*712*4#
Airtel Night Internet Browsing 3GBN2,50030 daysPC/tablet*141*712*7#
Airtel Plus Internet Browsing3GBN5,00024/7- 30 daysHandset /PC/tablet*141*712*1#
Airtel Max Internet Browsing5GBN8,00024/7- 30 daysPC/tablet*141*712*2#
Airtel Premium Internet Bundle10GBN15,00024/7- 30 daysPC/tablet*141*712*5#
Airtel Smartphone Internet Bundle1GBN3,00024/7- 30 daysPC/tablet*141*712*10#


For those who might get confused of the Table which contain the list of all The Airtel Data plan available, So I will explain some  major terms

Target Devices: This are device will are suggested by Airtel as suitable for or might work for, as you can see in that column some data plan has the three devices which are Handset, Tablets and also PC. This means the plan is suitable for the devices that fall under these categories.

USSD CODE: This  is the code you will dial when you decide to pick a data plan which you like, its just loading a recharge card, so just type the characters on your phone dialer and dial it and it will immediately deliver. The estimated cost will be deducted from your account and you will receive a notification notifying you the successful operation or not successful operation which you just did now.


How To Check the Balance Of  your Airtel Data Plan

So, lets say you have successfully bought one of the listed Airtel data plan above and you want to be checking your balance as you use it, to keep you informed on how you consume the data and also is remaining. Its very simple.

All you need to do is;

Dial: *141*712*0# or *123*10#

This will immediately tell you what is left of your data plan


Airtel Data Plans For Android Users

airtel data plans for android devicesIt was recently took an action to create a data plan for its android users who are using their network and having problems buying high data which are meant for laptops for your Android devices, this is what made them to create a data plan for android users only.

You can find that in this post : Airtel Data Plan For Android Users


Airtel Data Plans for BlackBerry 10 users

airtel data plan for blackberry 10 usersBlackBerry recent devices which include the blackberry Z1o, Q10, Z3, Q5, Z30 and so on as far the blackberry device is making use of data and not the general BIS of the normal blackberry, then there is a dedicated Airtel data plan for them.

To check it out : Airtel Data Plan for Blackberry Z10, Q10, Z3, Z30 Q5


So that it, for those want to know about Airtel data plans, this is  it and everything involved in it too, so if you have any  questions or queries, please let me know by commenting below and I will reply as so on as I can. for technical issues please call Airtel call center. So now you know Airtel Data Plans, the Activation codes of the Plans and also the Prices of the plans. Please share this to others for them to know more about this.


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