How To Remove Write Protection From A Memory Card

I personally have faced this problem and this led me to do looking of a solution of removing write of protection from a memory card, which means you can only copy files and document into the memory card but you can not delete files or format the card which means it like a total waste of money and resources.

remove write protection on your memory card

This non-volatile memory card format is often used. To prevent data loss, the memory card was created with a write-protect switch, this switch is found to in the adapter and you hardly know that. A little switch at the side of the memory card adapter.

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So, To Remove Write Protection From A Memory Card

The solution won’t take 3 second to fix, so all have to do is study the image below and see below the image for better solution

memory card, removing the write protection

You can see the Write Prevention switch on your memory card adapter, you will find out that it on lock, so all you have to do is move it either up or down, as this will remove the write protection from the memory card, as easy as that, It worked for me.

Just move the Write Prevention switch down or opposite direction and you are done. Now you can delete, format and remove the write prevention from your memory card.


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