How To Enable And Disable HTC ONE Safe Mode

Accessing your HTC One safe mode is very different from the normal booting you know about, there are many use of knowing how to access your android mobile safe mode and if you are using a HTC One, then this tutorial is for you then. I found out some users find it hard to enable the Safe mode on HTC one and also when they do enable it, they also find it difficult to disable it and boot back to the normal interface. So in this post, all this problems will be solved without difficulties.

htc one safe mode

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What Is Safe Mode ?

Accessing your Mobile through Safe Mode gives you access to certain higher privileges such as uninstalling buggy apps and other many application managements function which can not be done on the normal system, but using safe mode makes the whole process lot more safer. for more information about know more about safe mode, Check the article i wrote about Safe mode for Samsung Galaxy S4 , there I wrote extensively about Safe Mode, so you can simple check it out.

How To Enable HTC One Safe Mode M8

So enabling the safe mode for HTC One is a process, few steps and I will show you how to enable Safe mode on HTC One easily, Just follow my steps.

  1. First, Power off your HTC One completely before beginning
  2. The Press The POWER button, to switch on the Phone back
  3. While booting and the HTC Logo shows up, Press the VOLUME DOWN button
  4. Then continue press the VOLUME DOWN button Until the Android OS will be completely Loaded, you should see a SAFE MODE below your mobile screen as to verify that the safe mode is activated
  5. If you did not see any safe mode, Try the Whole process again and follow the instructions

So now, when the HTC ONE safe mode is activated, you can easily uninstall apps without causing any effects to the main Android OS, simple access that from the Settings area.

How To Disable HTC One Safe Mode M8

After you are done using the Safe Mode on HTC One and you want to return back to the normal screen, all you have to do is restart your Phone.

  1. First, the phone powered on, Press the power button a couple of times, and the POWER menu will show up
  2. Select RESTART, it will restart and you are back to normal.

That all you need to do to get out or disable safe mode on HTC One easily and safely.

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I hope you were able to understand how to enable and disable Safe Mode on HTC One (M8) easily, Please share this post to others using the buttons below. Thanks HTC One Safe Mode

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