Tips For Maintaining Your Laptop Battery Life

Most laptops have good batteries and such batteries have long life and also last long when in use but this normally depend on how we use the battery. Yes, the manufacturer made it but you are to maintain it, you don’t expect to buy a car and don’t service it for over a year and expect it to function will new when you bought it, it won’t you efforts also counts. Now we can’t say your battery will remain the same way as you bought it a year or 3 years after and not saying this tips will help you do that because this batteries wear off and because of that the tend to lose their durability but this can be slowed down by using this tips.

how to improve your battery lifeI was once a victim of laptop battery issue and I know how it hurts and because of that am writing this post to inform of things I did not do and things that will help prevent such battery damage, so I will suggest you follow the tips well and am sure it will benefit you and your laptop battery in the long run. So lets get straight to business.

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7 Tips Maximizing Your Laptop Battery Life


1. Always Have A Updated Software

always update softwareIt is very good to have a updated operating system and also a updated version of any software you intend using on the computer, this is because old version of software tend to take a lot of power than the updated version, this has not been totally proved but it not good to leave any stone unturned, so if you can have your computer’s OS updated and software please do.

2. Unplug Battery When Full

always unplug your laptopSome laptop users don’t unplug their laptop after the battery has been charged fully, a also guilty of this but after my first battery incident I repented and now am clean 🙂 , it is very advisable to unplug your laptop when you notice your battery is full and then use the battery to a level, let me say 70 percent and then you can plug your charger back still it full and unplug it again. Its not good to leave your battery plug in always as this damages the battery too.

3. Always Make Sure Your Laptops Temperature is Cool

laptop temperateFor those who have high temperature laptops it is expected for the battery to drain faster than expected, because when a laptop get hot,the heat itself consumes lots of power and that power we are talking about is your battery, due to constant fast power pulling because of the heat the battery tends to get used to the short life power it provides and then it stays that way. So always try as much as possible of avoiding your laptop get hot and always keep it away from the sunlight as this tends to generate heat.

4. Dim Your Laptop Screen

dim screenEveryone loves a bright shinning screen, do you? I know you do, despite of the damage it an do to your eyes people still use their laptop at the highest brightest level but this power drainer, it sucks your battery faster than you think, so always try to reduce your screen brightness to a level your eyes can tolerate because it helps both your eyes and battery.

5. Sleep And Hibernate

hibernate vs sleepYea, Sleep or Hibernate which one do you prefer? you want to know my answer? I choose hibernate. Hibernating your laptop is far better than making your laptop sleep because sleeping still makes use of the battery to. So always try to hibernate your laptop then using the sleep mode.

6. Adaptor

laptop adaptor

Using the wrong adaptor can damage your battery when the adaptor don’t supply the necessary or recommended power to your battery cell it makes your battery bend rules to serve and the adverse effect of these is not usually funny because the adaptor which is not the recommended adaptor supplies low power to the battery which is not a good sign and you should avoid that. Always buy a charger that is recommended by the manufacturer which supplies the same volts as the adaptor that came with the laptop.

7. WiFi And Bluetooth

bluetooth and wifiIt is recommended to off this when not in use as keeping them on all the time and not in use kills the battery, funny right? but it is the truth. Always try to off these programs bluetooth and WiFi when not in use as this save the amount of battery that is been pulled from your battery.

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It is not always to ignored these kind of tips as they are very useful then you think. Like I said earlier, the battery of laptops do wear out but you can reduce the rate of wearing and enjoy using your laptop for a very long time. you should also know that there is joy and peace when you know your laptop battery is in good shape. Please do follow this tips of maintaining your battery life and enjoy.


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