5 Things We Do That Destroys Our Phone Battery

All we see in the internet is just telling us on how to make our battery last longer but have you ever figured it out if you are the one destroying your phone battery? Yea.. you must be surprised, don’t because it true. Some of us are just battery killer, we must have noticed that all the phones we have used had battery issues and all we say is that the mobile manufacturer did not make the battery strong and that our awesome excuse of how we just destroyed the battery of the phone.

dead battery, you spoilt it

No phone comes with a super awesome battery but to me I believe the manufacturer knows what they are doing and also know what fits the phone and its features but some might argue with that and am not trying to convince you to believe what I have said because if we have that in mind maybe our battery will last much longer than the predecessors.

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When a phone battery is about to spoil it begins to well on the side making it hard to fit and phone or for the cover to close it up. A perfect way to know when your battery of your phone is swelling is to remove the battery from the phone and place it on a wooden table and place the battery facing the table and spin the battery. Naturally if the battery is not swelling it won’t rotate but instead it will stop in 2 or 3 seconds but a swollen battery will continue to spin for like 7 seconds.

phone battery testingSo what are these things we do that actually destroys our phone or even tablet battery so fast that we don’t understand what happening?

Different Actions That Destroys Phone Battery Fast

I will state some actions which cause phone battery spoiling fast so while you read through pick the one you are guilty of and stop doing them and watch as your battery works for you.

Phone Use While Charging

Oooh Yea!!!! I got you? Using your phone while charging is extremely bad if we try to imagine what happens in the battery, it’s like the power that is supposed to enter the battery is be held up before it get to the battery and it been used by what you are doing on your device, there allowing your battery to be expecting power but its get nothing as it been used by u.

What this does to your battery is that it get hot and when your battery get hot it not a good sign and should be avoided and this shortens the life span of the battery.

Over Use

People mobile phone users just don’t allow their mobile device to rest a bit but instead over use of the device continue. They used the device still the battery is down and the charge the battery again and use it still it drain and vice visa.

The battery needs to take a break because battery are not manufactured to work for that long while giving out so much power to what you are doing. So give your phone a break and let it cool and this will help your device.

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Avoid Over Heating

Overheating of the battery is extremely bad as it kills the battery faster than you think, some device are always used to getting hot all the time and this happens especially when the device is in use so what I advice is if you have a device that get hot easily then you should operate it close to a fan as it tends to cool it or when it get hot just drop it down and let it cool

Using Wrong Adapter to Charge

Some people just pick up charger and once it fits their phone slot then they begin to use it and this is extremely wrong because your phone is the device to be affected. Some phone require 5v while some require 6v,7v still 9v so if you go and pick up a charger that charges your battery with 9v when your device is 5v then seriously tends to destroy your battery fast.

So always know your phone voltage for the charger and try to stick to it as over and less voltage will affect the battery

Over Charging

Some of us are guilty of this action which is very bad, it is always advisable to remove the phone from power when the battery is full but instead some of us still leave the phone connected even after the battery is full as if battery as reserve to fill up.

Please once your battery is fully charge please disconnect from power and when you discharge some of the battery you can now connect it back.

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If you try to avoid all these action stated above then be sure of your phone battery to last much more longer than you think, little things we ignore kills faster to just don’t push this actions as useless but instead do avoid them and see the result of what will happen. There are still more actions that destroys battery faster so if you have please use the comment box. Thanks


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