How To Minimize Data Usage On Android Phones And Tablets

Android devices are know for their data consuming mouth and most users especially the new users into the android world normally freak out when they experience this problem on their device, so in this post am going to be showing you ways which you can minimize your android data used by your android device and still get the quality service you will get normally.

how to minimize android dataAndroid phones have been around for years now and they are pretty growing rapidly and fast with a beautiful set of hungry and data demanding apps which the mobile phone owner don’t even knows he/she has installed. Like some people will say “I regret Selling my BlackBerry and getting a Android” but I know when you reads this post the android smile will return. Minimizing your android data usage is one of the first thing to be done when a android is bought, so that there won’t too much expenses on bills.

These tips am going to be sharing are very easy and once you try all of them am very sure that your love for android will surely increase and  data will now be properly managed and minimized.

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Ultimate Tips To Help Minimize Data Used By Android Phones And Tablets

Like I have said before, I seriously advise you to try all this tips as it will be very useful to you in combating too much data consumption by your android mobile, the tips are very easy to following and can be done by a normal user and it not that techy 🙂 , so lets bounce to these awesome tips.

1. Change Your Browser

Now, the native browser of android are always kind of data consuming agents especially to users that surf the web always. Android native browser is a browser which comes along with the device which can be called “default browser”. The default browsers normally surf and display content like you are browsing on your personal computer or laptop 😮 wow!!! awesome right?? yea!! but know that it your data it consuming badly.

best android browser

So this is what I suggest you should do, I can’t say that you should stop surfing the net or browsing, no! I can’t say that but instead I can say you should download a android browser app such like opera mini, Dolphin, UCweb and so on. This apps are data savers as the compress web pages into kilobytes and still with the same quality. This surely helps in minimizing data usage by android devices.

2. Control Hungry Apps

This is a part that should not be forgotten, every android user has to have apps installed in their devices or don’t you have apps installed? I know you do. The reason why tech blogger call some apps “Hungry App” is because these apps are just waiting every single time to get updated and you know as the get updated so do you data but your data get upgraded downwards, I hope you get it? it always consumes your data, once it sees a data it just starts connecting and updating thereby finishing your data before you know it.

So I recommend you do these actions against these hungry apps to help minimize data usage on your android device.

i) First, we need to go to our settings and set “Update Apps Only With Wi-Fi”

how to update apps with wifiwe can set these by heading to Google Play Store and once you are there do these Menu > Settings > Auto-update apps and then change it to “Update Apps Only With Wi-Fi” there is also another option that is good to which is “Don’t Update Apps” with these you are actually turning it off and you will have to update the app manually. So pick one out of the two that will be okay for you as this step will help against auto-update and minimize data consumption on android devices.

ii) Stay Away From Adverts

Some apps comes with adverts such as games and when you are playing such games the advert will pop up and the only reason why it pops up is because you are connected and your data is what is bringing the advert, so I strongly suggest that when you are playing or using a app that has adverts you should off your data for the main time and when you are done you should turn it on.

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3. Turn Off Your Data When Not In Use

I strong recommend this action, when you are busy with something else and your data is on its not really good especially when you are using a limited data, I strongly believe that turning your data off when you are busy with other things and turning it back on when you are back helps a lot. You should try it and see how it helps minimize the data usage.

4. Turning Off Sync

All apps by defaults comes with a sync option, now apps the Email, facebook, twitter, Google account and so on should be sync off, what syncing does is that it refreshes every single time to get you the latest instantly and thereby consuming lots of data will doing so, so what I strong suggest is that you manually check all this as it one of the main source of data draining and it will help when turned off.

For you to change the sync option off for apps such as Google mail (Gmail), Google plus you should go to Settings > Accounts > Google and tap on it and set the sync option off and for other apps you need to go to the apps and settings and set the sync option there.

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These are the best and perfect tips that can help you minimize the data used by your android device and also make it more sufficient, it kinda of stressful but you can still enjoy your data for a longer period of time and the expenses on your android device will reduce. Try them out the Ultimate guide on how to minimizing data used by android phones and tablets.


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