5 Important Laptop Maintenance Tips You Must Know

Owning a laptop is really a good feeling but loosing one with all your importance files comes the sad part and can even make you burst out in tears because of what you have lost. Most of us neglect some important maintenance action which we should take on such electronics, they are not expected to work for a lifetime but they are also created to last long and still remain in good shape. There are some necessary action that should be take to help keep the laptop in good shape and make it last much more longer.

laptop maintenance tipsIn this post am going to be looking at Maintenance tips for laptops which is a prefect topic as most of us don’t know these tips and how important they are to protecting and keeping the laptop in good shape.

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Maintenance Tips For Laptop To Make It Last Much Longer Than Expected

1. Be careful With It

The way you treat a laptop is the way it will treat you back “My Theory” 🙂 but seriously it true and that why I placed it first in the tips list. once the owner of a laptop is careful with it but hardware and also software is safe. when you don’t just drop your laptop on the floor or you make your laptop avoid dust then your laptop is likely to last much longer and you will have your money you use to purchase the laptop work for you.

Like me I treat my laptop like my baby and I don’t play with it anyhow and the laptop is really delicate so keep it in a safe place always.

2. Avoid Over Heating

Over heating is one of laptop issues and should be totally avoid if you want you laptop to last much more longer. Over heating is when the heat coming out of the laptop is in excess and usually we have a fan but it just much more smaller than the ones you find in your desktop.

So once your laptop is getting to hot all you need to do is expose it to air by placing it near a fan so that air can enter the laptop and cool the heated part of the laptop or stop what you are doing on the laptop and allow it cool in temperature before you begin work on the laptop again. BUT the best way to prevent over heating when you see your laptop does it frequently is to buy a external fan which can be plugged through USB or electricity directly and place close to the fan so as to cool it down before it over heat.

3. Avoid Virus

This is the very common but very important, virus in a computer or laptop can cause many things such as malfunction, file loss and so on. So it is normally recommended to get a solid and strong antivirus as this will help fight against the virus which tries to get into the system.

Knowing the best antivirus is very important as to know which one is the best for your laptop and also best for prevention of virus.

4. Cleaning And Dusting

Dust is one of the laptop enemies as it get into the fan because of the air  and then blocks the air fan and makes the laptop over heat so it is necessary to ways clean laptop from dusts and other particles that can be present in your laptop. If you are much of a geek and you can open your laptop up then you should clean out the dust especially in the fan area and keyboard zone.

5.  Always be Updated

Having a laptop that is well updated is awesome as you have your mind and be rest assured you are secured from any hack. So always have your all laptop software updated as we all know updates are fix and also additional feature to the past one.

So always update your windows especially when because you don’t always know what kind of problem the update is fixing  and also what it will be preventing .

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These are tips we already know about but you are neglecting to take such actions to help make your laptop last much more long then expected and will also make your laptop like you more and it will serve you much more better. Easy maintenance tips for laptops.

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