How To Remove Delta Search From Your Browsers Easily

We may sudden find that your browser search engine has be changed to delta automatically which leads your browsers homepage to (, How to remove delta search from your browser is the next aim. This is a free search engine that which are attached to some free program so once you install the program your browser will be changed from the normal settings to Delta been your new search engine (browser homepage) and also Delta toolbar will be added to your browser.

 how to remove delta search easily

It can affect any kind of browser, the browsers which are mostly used are Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and so on. Most people who find this on their browser are sometimes confused how it happened and that what I have explained above and also they try to find solutions like removing the new default homepage (delta Search) to what they were using before and also remove the delta toolbar. I will show you how to remove the Delta search and also the Delta toolbar.

How To Remove Delta Search And Delta Tool Bar From Your Browsers

Delta Search has installed lot of programs to your computer before it could take control of your browsers, so we will remove the programs (Uninstall the program), Easy steps on how to remove delta search from your browsers.

  1. To start (uninstalling) the Delta Search programs, you will first click on the “start” button and then click on the “Control Panel”.
  2. Getting to the Control Panel click on “Uninstall Programs” button.
  3. This will show you the list of what has been install on your computer, then search for Delta Chrome Toolbar, Delta toolbar, YontooBrowserProtect and Mixi.DJ  and uninstall them one by one.

ways on how to reomve delta search easily

 Some of this program listed above may have different names so you can just search for anything made and published by “Delta” and uninstall them. This is one of the ways on how to remove delta search programs

How To Remove Delta Search From Your Browsers

Delta Search must have changed somethings in your browser especially the homepage which is normally the search to Delta Search. I will show you how to remove Delta Search from your browsers and change the setting back.

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How To Remove Delta Search In Mozilla Firefox

  1. First you will have to remove Delta Search Extension from your add-on on Firefox.

do you know how to remove delta search

This will lead to a page showing all your add-on on Firefox browser, so will will Remove Delta Toolbar, Mixi.DJ and Yontoo extensions from Mozilla Firefox.

2. After you have successfully Uninstall them, reset your browser homepage from Detla search to what you want. Click on “Tools” and then “Options” a box will appear then click on the “General tab” then set your homepage back to what it was before.


How To Remove Delta Search From Google Chrome

  1. Click On the Menu Button on Google Chrome then select Tools and then click on Extensions. In the extension window, remove this extension by clicking on the Recycle Bin next to them, remove Delta Toolbar, Mixi.DJ and Yontoo extensions from your Chrome Browser.
  2. Remove Detla Search From Your Chrome browser, click on the “Setting” button Click on the Search Engine button and remove Detla Search and pick the one you want as your search engine. After doing it you have succesfully remove the delta search from your computer

And that is all you have to do, how to removed Delta Search From your computers, solved!!!


Having this delta search  on your computer is not really a great idea as it will save you data, passwords and other relevant information from your browser and computers so this best thing you can do is to remove it from your browsers and system totally, that why I wrote this post on how to remove delta search from your computers


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