How To Transfer Contacts From iphone To Android Easily

Keeping your contact a very necessity so learning how to transfer contacts from iphone to android is very important especially when you are finding yourself in such situations. Some people think it really impossible to transfer contact especially when it from different phones and most importantly Operating Systems(OS), but it is totally possible. Apple and Google are friends 🙂

 how to transfer contacts from iphone to androidSo if you are changing your device from a iPhone to a Android does not mean you have to create your contacts back one by one (that really work to do) but instead of that you can simple just finish reading the post and you will that this post actually saved you from a lot of stress and time, so what you are simply going to do is transfer iphone contacts to android easily , just follow the steps below.

What You Will Need To Be Able To Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android

you will need the following to make the process successful

  1. Apple USB Cord
  2. Updated Version Of iCloud
  3. Computer with internet connection
  4. Google ID and password
  5. Apple ID and password

When you have all these required components and information ready we can now proceed to the the main process of transferring the contacts.

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Simple Steps on How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android

below are simple easy to understand steps that will help you in transferring contacts from iphone to android phones successful and easy for you.

Step 1

Plug in your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes on your computer, these process will work on both mac and PC,

On the iTunes, click on iPhone button (on the text) and not eject button next to it

transfer iphone contacts to android

After click on the iPhone button, like the picture above. now click on the info button which is along the top bar.

Step 2

After successful doing that in “step 1” Now at the top of the page which you appeared in after the first step, you will find a Sync Contact box. Tick the box and to the right you will find a down menu, click on the drop down and select Google Contacts

sync_contacts from iphone to androidIf you have never sync contacts to your Google Account before you will be prompted to enter it, which you have to click configure to your right and insert your Google ID and password and hit the Apply button.

Your iPhone contacts will now be sync with the Google contacts. Now you are done with that of the iPhone. Lets move to the android side to transfer the iphone contacts to the android finally.

Step 3

It time to sync the Google account with the iPhone to that of the android, if it already sync then all you have to do is wait for it to automatically sync or sync it manually. but if you have not synced the Google account with the android device, all you have to do is go to Settings>>>Accounts>>>Google>> add account. Now add the Google account.

To manual sync the Google account with the android device

go to Settings>>>Accounts>>>Google and then select the Google account you want to sync and tap Sync now

syncing Android-settings-accounts

After tabbing “Sync Now” your contacts will be on the android device now. and you have successfully in transferring contacts from iphone to android.

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Conclusion on How to Transfer iPhone Contacts To Android

Now you can see that contacts transfer from iPhone to Android is totally easy and possible, I hope you understand what have have explained above, if you have anymore questions you can simply use the comment box and I will reply as soon as I get a answer. thanks for reading How To Transfer Contacts From iphone To Android Easily


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