How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Phones To PC To Serve As Modem

During the day of Symbian and Java mobile devices where it is very easy to connect your mobile device to your computer and use it as a source of internet connection to your computer without the need of a internet modem, now that same method works on Samsung Galaxy phones too. You can now use your Samsung Galaxy devices to supply internet to your pc easily.

how to browse with your samsung galaxy device on pc

For those that will think this is like a free browsing, where when you connect your mobile devices to your computer you can surf the internet for free, you are wrong! when you are connect with your Samsung galaxy phones and you surf the internet with your computer it consumes the data or airtime that is on the mobile device which in this case is your Samsung Galaxy phones. So take note of that!

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How To Connect The Samsung Galaxy Phones to Use As Modem For Computers

follow he instructions well to understand how to connect it successful and to be able to make use of it as a modem, please do as stated below.

Step 1

First, you need to connect any of the Samsung Galaxy you are using to your computer and after you do that, do not select “File Transfer Mode

Step 2

on your mobile phones, Go to Menu>>settings >> wireless and network >> mobile network   And check “Use packet data”

Step 3

Next, Go to menu >> settings >> wireless and network >> Tethering and Portable Hotspot   And check “USB Tethering”

Step 4

Install KIES on your computer (Download KIES) KIES is the official PC suite for Samsung Mobiles and devices

Step 5

Still on your computer, go to Control Panel >> Network and Internet connections >>   Network connections, There you will see Samsung modem.

Step 6

Now you can connect and start surfing using your Samsung Galaxy devices as modems 🙂 .

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Now you can now easily use your Samsung Galaxy phones as modem for your computer but know this that the download speed and upload speed will be limited to the speed of the mobile device limit. So it still advisable for you to get a modem if you want to enjoy a very very fast speed when surfing. Easy method on how to connect your Samsung Galaxy phones as modem for your computers.


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