How To Fix Bluetooth Not Working After Installing Windows 8

When I posted the article of yesterday, I also notice that computer users were also having bluetooth problem after installing windows 8 on their laptops or computer.  After my experience after I upgraded to windows 8.1 and the bluetooth problem which I fixed. So today am going to share a working method on how to fix bluetooth not working in windows 8.

 how to fix bluetooth not working in windows 8The reason why the bluetooth is not working is because of the bluetooth driver is not compatible with windows 8. So what we are going to do is making the driver compatible with windows 8. This method works for almost all laptop, it has been tested on Hp, Dell and so on. just try it and see the results.

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Steps On how to Fix Bluetooth Not Working After Installing Windows 8

Please do follow the steps that are below accordingly as this will make this method work for you, read all before taking action. and your bluetooth will be fixed.

Step 1

Go to your laptop manufacturer website and download the the bluetooth driver of your laptop model.

Step 2

Extract, Install it and restart your system

Step 3

Now go to C:\dell\drivers in your computer and locate your bluetooth folder and for dell 15R users  go to C:\dell\drivers\24T1W\R235168]

Step 4

Depending on the bite of your laptop, after locating the file open the Win32 (for 32-bit) or Win64 (for 64-bit) and then locate this file BtwMM.exe and install it by double clicking on it.

Step 5

after install the BtwMM.exe file find Inst.exe and install it also.

Step 6

you can now check your bluetooth and you will see that it working

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This method as been tested and proved to work on different laptop make and models from Dell, Hp and so on, follow the steps accordingly and your bluetooth will work. I hope you understood how to fix bluetooth not working after installing Windows 8. Thanks for reading and share the post to others.


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