How To Install Flash Player For Samsung Galaxy S3 Or Other Android Device

One of the important apps that a user should install on Samsung Galaxy S3 is flash player app but you might have noticed that adobe flash player is not available in player store, so finding and installing flash player for Samsung Galaxy S3 or any other android phone is a problem. I have found a solution to this problem and that why I decided to write this post.

How To Install Flash Player For Samsung Galaxy S3

Since adobe flash player is a not available in the play store we may have to look on how to download the app from other sources and install it on our android device. Android users can do this from the settings section to allow you install flash player for Samsung Galaxy s3 or any other android phone as you like. So first let know how to install android apps from other sources from the general Play Store.

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How To Install Android Apps From Other Sources Not From Play Store

This is a very important setting that all android users should know because some paid apps which can be gotten for free are from sites not from Play store but be careful how you download such apps because of virus and stuffs like that. So follow my steps very well and the method is very easy to understand and remember we are still learning how to install flash player for Galaxy S3 or android device.


  1. From the Home Menu go to Settings
  2. In setting scroll still you find Security and tap on it
  3. Then look for Unknown Source Option which allows you install apps from other source not only Play Store.
  4. Then tap on it the tap OK
  5. Then Exit

And that how to enable the option which allows you install apps from other sources not only play store, so do this on you Samsung Galaxy S3 or the android phone you want to install flash player for.

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Steps To Install Flash Player For Samsung Galaxy S3 And Other Android Devices

To install the flash player for your android device, you need to perform the step above first because the flash player app that we are going to download and install is not from play store, so do the settings above to be able to install it.


  1. On your Android phone’s browser go straight to this link archived flash player versions
  2. When you are on the page, scroll down still you find Flash Player for Android 4.0 archives for Samsung Galaxy S3 and other android device with 4.0 and above android version and Flash Player for Android 2.x and 3.x archives for lower android version device which you will find lower in the web page
  3. So download the latest Adobe flash player for your android device according to their android versions.
  4. Now wait until the download is complete
  5. Then check your notification panel then tap on Download complete notice to install Adobe Flash Player apps on your android phone.
  6. After installing it successfully, you now have flash player for Samsung Galaxy devices as well as other android devices.

And that how you instal flash player for Samsung galaxy S3 and other android phones successfully without any problem and a very easy to follow guide to guide you in the process.

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Conclusion On How To Install Flash player For Samsung Galaxy S3 and Other Android Devices

I hope I have explained how to get and install the flash player app on your android device? this flash player app is very good as it helps you to view play Flash files or view Flash-based websites through the browser on your android phone, so flash player for Samsung Galaxy S3 and other android device is very important.


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