Best Ways To Backup Your Android Contacts And SMS Easily

Loosing your contacts or even important SMS is not really fun or good, in this post am going to be sharing solid best ways to backup your contacts and sms on android devices both online and offline so if one works and is safe is better,it not really good to put all your eggs in one basket 🙂 .

android contacts backupNow the ways am going to be sharing are what you can easily use and make backups just in case if you change device or lost your device. The ways are very easy and quick to understand, so all you have to do is read along and am sure you will get the ways I will explain. How To Backup Your android contacts and sms

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The 3 Ways To Backup Your Android Contacts And SMS

Now saving your contacts but online and offline is quite good as it protect your contacts and SMS from any possible damage.

1. Using A Android App To Backup Your Android  SMS

Using the app is very easy and straight and most importantly it a free app so no need to be thinking about the cost of the app. This stores your sms to their directory easy. Once you download the app and install it. Download the app click here

app to backup android smsSteps To Backup And Restore SMS Using The App

  1. After Installing the app
  2. Open the app from your Home Menu
  3. Once it opened, Click Backup button and it will be backup
  4. And if you want to Restore it, Click on the restore and follow the process.

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2.  Backing Up Your Contacts Online

Since it was Google who created the android operating system they made it compulsory for anyone using a android device to have a Google account, and these Google account contains all the Google products.  Gmail is part of the Google products and it can be greatly used to backup your contacts online into the Google server.

how to sync your android contacts to gmail

Steps On How To Backup Android Contacts Online With Gmail

  1. Go to SETTINGS On Your Device
  2. Then Account And SYNC or sometimes “Google Account
  3. You Will See in the Google Account “SYNC Contacts” . Once you found it Click On It
  4. Once you have clicked on it, your contacts will be saved.

So if you want to restore your contacts back maybe in a new android device, all you have to do is just sign into your Google account that you synced your contacts first and you contact will be synced back into your device.

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3.  How To Backup Your Android Contacts Offline Easily.

Saving your contacts offline is very good as it can be easily accessed be you but it also can be easily lost as it is usually saved on your memory card, so what I usually ask friends to do is to also have a copy of the backup file on their computers and hard drive if possible.

how to backup android contacts in memory cardSteps On How To Backup Your Android Contacts Offline

  1. Open your Contacts From the Menu
  2. In the Contacts Click on the Menu
  3. And you will see “Export To SD” option there
  4. If you are asked for permission To create a Vcard, Click YES
  5. Click On it and your contacts Will be backup On your memory card

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Conclusion on How To Backup Your Android Contacts And SMS

Backup are very important just in case something happens that was not planned, this is easy like I have explained above. But I will advise you my reader to try all just to be well protected so if one turn you down you can depend on the other source.  Best ways to Backup your android contacts and sms.


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