Top 10 Best Sites To Download Free Mobile Movies

Note: We have recently updated this article since this one is a little bit outdated. You can check it out here

Mobile devices are rocking the world now and almost all everyone has a smartphone, so the need to have mobile movies as increase and how to get this free mobile movies matters a lot, for this reason I have decided to write this post about the top sites to download free mobile movies on your mobile phones.

download mobile movies for mobile

Even though technology has created categories to mobile devices lol 🙂  so even though you use a android device, phone or tablet or normal other phones or tablet, BlackBerry you too can download from these sites easily and get these amazing great quality mobile movies on your device for free.

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1o Best Amazing Sites To Download Mobile Movies For FREE


Everyone is aware of  Fztvseries site for downloading free mobile movies for free which was shut down recently is now back online but with a different address, it is now called MobileTVShows, you can all your TV shows, amines, cartoons, movies all for mobile and sometimes for PC. Try them out to download your mobile movies for free.

Movies Mobile

Only the name of the domain will tell you what the site is about, the site is great with the most current and well requested movies for mobile, Indian movies are also available in the site so if you need their mobile movies you can download it from movies mobile all for free.

3Gp mobile Movies

If you are using lower mobile phones, this site is okay for you, because the quality is low and the size is also quite small, but the great part of the site is that it has a set of amazing movies that you will love to watch, Check it out and stay updated in the movie world.

iMp4 Movies

Great site for free mobile movie download specifically for Android and Apple products such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTouch users so if you are looking for amazing updated movies for your mobile device listed above then you can download from this site. but this does  not stop other users from download from such sites, so you are free to download mobile movies from there.


Are you looking for high quality movies for your mobile? then is site is there for you, it give you the movies with the high quality but note there always a price to pay which the size of the movies. The simple truth is that most of the HD are very heavy in size so make sure your bandwidth can take it. The have update mobile movies and allow you to download for free.


MovieCinema is a fast growing site that also provides you the best movies you need, fast download links and very easy to navigate the site. great and well update movies for your mobile are available. So check them out.


In this site you find amazing movies for both mobile and tablets such as iPad and other larger screen tablets the movies comes in mp4  and 3GP formats. HollyWood and BollyWood movies are available to be download to your mobile for free.


Fzuload is a general upload sites for mobile, the sites has great stuffs such as games, themes, wallpaper for mobile device and most important it has mobile movies free downloads. great and well updated movies.
Now enough of the stories Frendz is a great site. the site has something unique i like and the other sites don’t. it has a where you can download documentaries 🙂 yea right it not all about movies lol, You can also download great mobile movies from the site.


FZC is kind of similar to Fzuploads it has lots of stuffs in the site, such as e-books, games, applications for your mobile devices and the main thing is the great free mobile mobiles it has in the site. Free downloads.

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The site above are great sites you can download mobile movies for free, so if you need movies, you know where to find them. Please share this post to others to get informed where to download mobile movies from. Best Sites to download mobile movies for free


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