Best Android News App For Your Android Devices

To be updated with very current happening in the world is quiet amazing thing and it can be easily done with best android news app for your android devices, so you don’t have to tune in to your radio or sit with the television all day just to say updated with the current news.

best android news appSo once you have an android phone there are some pretty good new apps that you can installed and get your news anytime from this app. There are lot so of promising apps in the play store but finding the one that delivers is the problem, that why I have decided to write a article on best news app for android devices such as your tablets and phones.

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Top 6 Best Android News App For Your Android Devices

CNN App For Android

CNN App For AndroidAll of us knows that CNN is one of the world best news supplier, from their website to television, they deliver you the best coverage you can’t define, To spread more of their coverage, they also created CNN app for android for free, you android users to easier access news updates from entertainments, Politics, Crime and so on. The great thing about this app is that you can easily create you own story with the app with the iReporter which can be done by uploading a video of the news or pictures and details of the event. To me this is the best android news app you can find.


engadget android news appIf you are looking for something more specific to a particular news update such as Technology and Gadget world the this the best news app for android that can give you what you need. Engadget is a world of technology updates, reviews, tech product and so on. it has a bookmark feature and you can read the new offline. So if you are a technology person like me, then this app is good for you.

Google Currents

Google Currents news app for androidAn great app from Google, the app combines news updates from different sites using the Google search system, if you news updates in all categories such as Entertainment, Politics, technology and so on from popular news sites such as Techcrunch, The Guardian, forbes and so on. Great news app for android users.


Feedly android appFeedly is a news app for android and also a great substitute to Google reader where news updates are gotten from popular news sites and blogs and delivered straight to your android device with a sweet UI interface and the content fits your android device and you can also share news content to facebook, twitter and Google+ .

AP Mobile

AP MobileDo you need news update from great sources? then AP mobile can be the android app you need, because it delivers news from different popular websites just like the feedly android app. AP mobiles gives you news update in the different category for example  fashion, Politics, Crime, Sports and so on. Browse your news content from Top News.

The Guardian

The Guardian android appThe Guardian as we know it is similar to CNN and BBC but not just as popular as the are but The Guardian is a world recognize news provider, so the android app of The Guardian provides you the very best news update from their sites straight to your android phones. So you don’t need to visit to their website every single time, just download the android news app and get the news deliver to your device through the app and that why it is one of the best news app for android .

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Conclusion On The Best Android News App

Great apps that are listed above. So if you like to get updates with the latest in your surroundings and world, then you should consider downloading some of the news app for the very best. As I have said These apps are the Best Android News App for android users. Please share to others


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