Best 7 Free Music Download App For Android

Music can be said to be life to some and also very important to others. Android is a very great OS which also great apps for users as well as great music players for android devices. Download music has been a problem but there are also best free music download app for android which allows you download music for free on your android device, these apps assist you to search and download the music you want straight to your device.

free music download app for androidIn this post we are going to discuss about these apps that allow you to download music to your android device for free, so bring out your android and start downloading these apps if you love to get updated with new songs and download all for free.  free music download app for android that you should have some installed on your android device.

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7 Best Free Music Download App For Android


Tunee Music Downloader

tunee music downloaderTunee music downloader is a very good free music downloader app for android users, the app as lots of features music lovers will love to have. Tunee downloads original songs in to your android phones, since when I have been using it I have not recorded me downloading a fake song with this app there will be some but very few. The app allows multiple downloads where to you can download multiple songs at the same time with the great download (inbuilt) .

Music Maniac – MP3 Downloader

Music Maniac – Mp3 DownloaderThis is another top ranking Free music download app for android which searches for musics and mp3 from the public search engines and downloads for you into your android device all by it self. With this app you can even listen to music.

Music Download

Music Download android appMusic download is a very simple app which allows you to download free music for android from legal sites and not just any how looking sites but from the best in the internet for free in your android device, the app even allows you to see the song lyrics while you are listening to the music on the app. This is one of the free music download app for android which I recommend.

Download Copyleft Music MP3

Download Copyleft music MP3When it comes to a complete music package this app is good, it allows you to search for music according to there genre, it also has a music library where you can play the free music you have download from the app on your android device and it this music library can also be used to manage your musics on your android device.

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GTunes Music

GTunes MusicGtunes Music is one of the best android music download app which you can have, it allows you to download and listen to free and legal music from popular domains and websites online, the music can therefore be download for free into your android device. this app also allows you to set ringtones and assign them to contacts on your android device.

MP3 Music Download Pro

MP3 Music Download ProThis is also a great app for android to download free music from public domains which also allows searches and free download of lyrics, songs, album cover and so on. The apps also allows more than one downloads up to 3 songs at the same time. This songs that have been download can also be set as ringtones from this app.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music android appGoogle play music is also a great app to listen and download song and share over the web and with friends. With this app you have access to over one million music from different genre and you can play and listen to radio non stop and hear songs that have been hand picked by music expert and played for your listening. You can use this app to set ringtone and also manage your songs on your android device. The free music download app for android.

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These are the top 7 android music apps for free downloading and listening of music to the best, if you don’t have a good android browser for you to download musics these apps will surely help you accomplish this. This are the 7 best free music download apps for android.


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