How To Fix Internet Download Manager Mozilla Firefox Integration Error

When it comes to download manager; Internet Download Manager is one of the best you can ever have with it unique and great features. Currently I formatted my computer and i wanted to reinstall Internet download manager back which I did but I could not download videos from YouTube and other files with IDM due to IDM integration problem with Mozilla Firefox Browser.

firefox idm problemNormally, You know that internet download brings out a pop up that sticks to your browser which you can click and download but the pop up download button don’t show on my Mozilla Firefox and also other browsers. Then I started my research and I notice that the extension that comes with my Internet download manager is not compatible with my updated browser.

Idm sticky download button

And since the Extension is not compatible with the browser I need update it and since the extension is not available in Mozilla plugin store so you need to download it and install the extension which I will show you where to download it and how to install it because doubling clicking it won’t install it.

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Where To Download And Install Internet Download Manager Updated  Extension On Mozilla Firefox

Now first before you start you need to find out if the IDM extension is not compatible with your firefox browser, to know this is quiet easy.


To locate your Mozilla browser extensions; Follow these steps

  1. Open your Mozilla Browser
  2. Click on the Tools tab
  3. On the Drop down menu click on the Add-ons
  4. Then Locate Extension in the new window that will pop up

Once you are there it will list out all the Extensions you have installed in your firefox browser, then locate IDM CC and you will see that the extension is not compatible and you can not update it from that tab so you need to download it.

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To download the updated IDM CC extension Click Here to download it.

After downloading it, go back to the Add-on tabs that open showing your browsers extension then click on the Gear icon at the top right corner of the browser.

how to install extension from file

After clicking on the gear button, a drop down menu will show, click on the Install Add-on from file then locate the downloaded extension and install it.

install idm extension on mozilla

You will get a confirmation that your extension have been installed successfully, so you just restart your browser and you are done.

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So I hope you understand the post here on how to solve the internet download manager firefox integration problem and also how to install extension from file. Thanks for reading please kindly subscribe below to get updated with tips like this.


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