8 Powerful Tips To Get Quick Sales On Fiverr

Fiverr is a great website where you work and you get per 5 bucks per gig, the site has been helping many skilled people get income easily by just using their skills to help people out. If you are reading this post then you know what fiverr is so if you don’t know about the site then you can pay a visit the site.

fiverr tips for quick sales

There are some powerful and very helpful tips you should not miss out especially when you are trying to make sales on fiverr, normally the what people do when the want to make money from fiverr is to simply go to the site and create an account then start creating gigs for people to  order. As easy as it sounds, where there are over 100 thousand sellers and over 2000 people offering your gig what then makes a buyer order your gig instead of others?

fiverr tips for users

That question is what I will be trying to answer with the power tips I will be sharing with you in this post. When you apply such tips to your fiverr account and you will be surprised at the sales you will be able to get.  So let get straight to the business of the post.

What are these Fiverr Powerful Tips To Get Fast Sales On Fiverr?

1. What You Offer

which gig to create to get sales

What can you bring to the table that buyer want and will like to order is one of the important questions that needs to be answered and also the basic of a successful fiverr income source. If what you offer is not wanted by anyone then you gig won’t get orders from buyer just because they don’t want what you offer. So first know what the buyer want and try to learn them and use them.

2. Be Professional

fiverr tips to be successful

Before creating a gig it is normally good to know what you are offering very well so that you won’t be surprised when the buyers start throwing question and you and you will end up loosing the gig to someone else. Now been professional does not just end in questions but also in your appearance, normally people don’t  take this part important because before I order a gig  I look at the seller profile in case the seller looks weird. Try to have this professional look in your profile and also try to create good conversation with your client and sound professional when doing so.

3. Other Gigs

fiverr gigs tips

Normally some people that uses fiverr don’t notice that the other gigs in your account also affect your sales, when you have a profile with 20 gig which is the limit of the amount of a fiverr account, so if those 20 gigs in your account does not fit each other it looks like someone just want to make money from all areas which does look attractive, for example you created a gig about designing of pictures and the other gigs look somehow then it does not attractive buyer to order the gig.

4. Gig Title

This is a very important part of getting quick sales, if you miss this part then there is nothing for you, I say that for sure. Having an attractive title is very important. The title just makes the sellers eyes click on your gig, there are many ways to make your gig look attractive. For example this is a title of a normal gig “I will design banner for $5” and this is the attractive gig “I will design An Awesome and Beautiful banner for $5” now tell me which one will you order if you were the buyer? I know which one you will pick.

5. Gig Descriptions

The Gig description is very important and it not something you just play with because this is what helps the buyer understand what you are selling or offering. Normally I can just say I have a format for writing a good description but you can also do what I normally do to write a very good and attractive description. To write a good description go to the top sellers of what you are offering and look for what different between your own and the top sellers own.

Note: am not telling you to copy word for word, please don’t do that.

6. Upload A Video

Fiverr officially made  it necessary to upload a video of yourself telling your client about what you offer, this is totally necessary if you want to get more sales as fiverr normal select Gig for the featured categories and for your gig to be selected you must have a video of each of your gigs, something to note is that the video must be different from other and it is good if you are in the video.

7. Gig Picture

Fiverr users are fun of this which is copying another seller’s gig pix and using it thereby creating this kind of cloud of similarity which is not good especially for new seller because it will be well seen that you copied the picture from someone else. Been unique is the key and without this it will be hard to get quality sales.

8. Always Give Bonus

fiverr cash tips

Which human being those not like free things? Not me, what normally rocks now is giving out bonus to buyers and also get more orders in return, you can place this in your description alongside with your condition of getting the bonus as this will attract the buyer to your gig and you will get more sales because of this. It has worked for me and am sure it will work for you.

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These tips that have mentioned above are really very powerful and if you miss or don’t do some of these above tips, then am sorry because you might wait for 4 months without getting an order, so I urge you to try them out and see why I call them powerful tips. So enjoy fiverr and make money.  Your comment and contribution are also welcomed please use the comment box.


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