Top 8 Best Battery Saver App For Android Devices

Android device is a well developed device and you as a user will want to make full use of but knowing the best battery saver app for android is also a good thing as these apps will help you optimize your android device and make sure your battery is well used and actually last longer than the normal battery duration without the apps.

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I recently wrote a post on Awesome tips that will make your android battery last much more longer and the response I received after writing the post was simply great then some of my post comments mentioned battery saver app for android and I decided to check out the apps and they were simply great, so I have decided to share these apps with you with a short description about them and the choice is yours to make.

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List Of The Best Android Battery Saver Apps

1. Easy Battery Saver

easy battery saver app for androidHaving Battery problem has found a solution, if you are facing battery problems and you don’t have enough power to charge your device regularly then you have found a solution, Easy Battery Saver which is a good battery saver app for android devices. The battery app simply rocks with a very interactive interface for users it also allows you to select a plan out of four battery plans for your android device which are General Saving Mode, Advanced Customized Mode , Super Power Saving Mode and Normal Mode. This is totally a awesome app.

2. Du Battery Saver & Switch Widget

du battery saver app for androidHow can I mention the best battery saver app for android without mentioning this app, this is a great app which helps extends the battery life of android devices, the Du Battery Saver app with it great features such as one touch controls and pre-set modes, while using this app you can actually check the temperature, health, status and more. when you hit the optimize button in the app it close all background apps you are not using. Amazing right?

3. Battery by MacroPinch

battery by micropinch saver app for androidBattery is also a awesome app which shows you your batter level before you think of taking an action, so if you are about to play that battery draining game, you should check battery and see if the current battery level can take it or you should just not play the game due to the low battery level, the android battery saver app actually has a UI interface making it cool.

4. NQ Easy Battery Saver

nq easy battery saver for androidThis is another incredible battery saver app that performs two major function which is make your android battery last longer and makes your device faster in performance so it simple incredible, the app also has some new features such as telling you when time duration of your battery, shows you your backgrounds and also allows you to lock your app, thereby optimizing the battery life of the android battery.

5. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

battery doctor the battery saver for androidA friend actually told me about this app and I totally find it cool, if your device goes out power fast and without notifying you then this app is for you the battery doctor and tries to make sure the battery of the android device last much more longer than expected and also notifies you when your android device battery is low, so you have the chance to close whatever you are doing. You can optimize your battery in one click and you are good.

6. Go Battery Saver & Widget

go battery saver for androidGo battery saver is a very good battery saver app that why it is among the best battery saver app for android list, the app extend your battery duration by 50%, yes it does, it does this by optimizing your bluetooth, Wi-Fi, audio, screen brightness, mobile data and any other thing that seems to be draining your battery.

7. Advanced Mobile Care

advance  mobile care for android batteryThis is a all in one app and a must have for all android users, the apps helps to increase your battery duration and not only that it does virus scan and if you are a gamer, it as a feature called game speeder which makes better to play games in as it allows your game go smoothly without and disturbance. This app is a very good android battery saver for everyone.

8. Juice Defender & Battery Saver

juice defender battery saverJuice defender as the name says, defends the juice drainage of the battery but monitor the apps that are consuming the battery, the android battery saver app still Schedule synchronization events and auto-toggle WiFi. Juice Defender is one the best battery app for android.

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Conclusion On The Best Android Battery Saver App

All these above apps are simply awesome and they really do what you expect them to do which is to maintain your battery and monitor apps that are draining your battery and simply tell you about them, which to me is super cool, so if your android battery is facing problems like this, then you need one of these apps simply because they are best battery saver app for android .


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