Amazing Ways On How To Download Android Paid Apps For Free

Android is a very great platform for applications and because it has a lot of application in Google playstore but most of the reasonable apps are mostly paid which sometimes are cheap or a little bit expensive. But since these paid apps are sometimes our favorite we need to find a way to to download these paid apps for free. There have been different ways and method on how to download android apps for free easily. These method allows android users download paid apps all for free with any form of charges.

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Previously, there have been apps that you can use to download android paid for free and also popular free android apps are also available there, this app is is called Applanet but there is a problem with the app, just you download a android app from the applanet and try to install it, they end up corrupt or bad so because of this the applanet can’t be advised to be the best place to download android paid apps for free. So because of this we have to look for other solution to enable us download  these favorite android paid apps for free.

So in the quest of looking for ways to download these paid android apps for free and which has loads of free paid android apps downloads available I found these crazy and amazing methods which are working.

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Methods Used To Download Android Paid Apps For Free

1. File Sharing Sites

sharing site for android apps

There lots of paid android apps available to be downloaded all for free, The  paid apps are uploaded by good android users who have downloaded the apps and felts like sharing it to the public such as you that needs the apps now, so when you pay for an app you can also share it to other who can not afford it by uploading them to the File Sharing sites so that people can download paid apps from there for free easily.

There are many file sharing sites available online but looking for the popular file sharing sites matters because a lot of users will use such sites to upload the paid android apps


Now when visit this site and want to download a particular app, what you should do is to type the app’s name followed by .apk which android apps formats. For example the name of the android paid app you want to download is “BasicTechTricks” so in the search bar type “BasicTechTricks.apk” these will give you the app you want to download.

These easy part is that 4shared and mediafire apps are available in the market so you can download the file sharing apps on your android phones or tablet and search for apps through them and download the apps directly to your smartphones and not through a computer.

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2. BlackMart Alpha app for Android

Download android paid apps for free

This is another great method which helps download paid apps for free through a simple app called BlackMart Alpha app, this is a single app which all paid android apps are available for you to download all for free, different apps from the popular android paid apps to the popular free android apps; they are all found in the app. So how do you get started?

  1. First, you need to download BlackMart Alpha App from the store and install it after installing it. Open the app and you will see the same design with that of android market which makes it easier for you and you will be able to navigate through the app well enough.
  2. You will see a list of paid apps such as games and normal different apps all for free, so you can download the apps you want all for free and you can also use the search box and type the android paid app you want and get it for free.
  3. When you have searched for a particular app you will see the apps displayed in the result of the search comes with the prices, just click and install the apps directly to your phones and face no issue.

But Note any app you download from BlackMart Alpha do not download it even if a notification shows up because it might end up corrupting the app totally.


Downloading of paid android apps for free through these methods are illegal and we don’t not advice you to do this but if you do it you are totally on your own. After using any of the methods and you face any problem we won’t be responsible.

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So Now You Know How To Download Android paid apps for free

So know this method are not meant to be abused and you can use it and make your android device among others download android paid apps for free using this method and watch how people will admire your android device. Please leave a comment and you can also subscribe for our updates straight to your email for free.


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