A Easy Method On How To BackUp Blogger Blog

Bloggers using the blogger platform normally blog in fear not to break or go against Blogger T.O.S which is having there post deleted along with it content, but now there should not be fear anymore because there now a easy way on how to backup blogger blog . Yes! it is totally possible, so no fear anymore to bloggers using this blogger platform.

how to backup blogger blog easilyNow this blogger backup feature is a feature which was just added some months ago, called the Export Blog and your blog along with it content can be downloaded into a simple .xml file.  So when you blog just disappeared from your dashboard without an excuse from blogger and you can contact them if you get no good reply you can just use the backup you have.

Now this blogger backup which is saved in a xml format can be uploaded to blogger itself back or another blog or maybe you mistakely deleted some of your posts and want them back you can easily just upload the blogger blog backup back to the blog through another feature called the Import Blog.

Once you have uploaded the file back then you post and what you may have deleted will be back up online. You can see the power of backup. A good blogger should always try to backup his/her blog like once every week , so incase anything happens one can easily recover back, By doing this and having your blogger backup with you all the time is totally necessary. I hope now you can see how important to know how to backup blogger blog ?

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Now How Do You Get This Blogger BackUp File (.xml) Easily

Like I said before get this backup for your Blogger blogs, it is totally easily, just follow the steps listed below and you will get it easily without problem.

Step 1:

Login to your blogger dashboard, the blogger blog which you want to backup, below is an example of a blog I want to backup, click on the button at which the arrow is pointing at and go to the Settings of the blog which is the last on the list.

blogger backup, blogger dashboard

Step 2:

After click on Settings, you will then click on the Others below the Setting option, see image below

blogger settings backupStep 4:

After clicking on the Other option, just move to the top of the page, there you will find the Import Blog, Export Blog And Delete Blog Options

blogger backup button

Step 5:

Finally when you click on the Export Blog, a dialog box will appear asking you to download the blog, the file name will be in this format “Date.xml” . for example 11-08-2013.xml with these you will know when you saved or backup your blog last. and when you need to upload. And you have backup your blogger blog successfully

Normally when I do this backup for my blogger blogs I normally put them in a specific folder and also back that folder up so I don’t get into problems when my computer crash. You should do that too to keep your blogger backup safe.

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So, Now you know how to backup your blogger blog, so do not waste any minute again, go straight to your blogger dashboard and download your blogger backup . I hope you do understand this post on how to backup blogger blog , if you have any question about this post. please use the comment box. Backup your blog and stay safe.


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