8 Solid Tips To Make Your Android Phone Battery Last Longer

There something about Android devices that just keeps consuming the battery and you just can figure what it is ๐Ÿ™ . As some of us know, an android phone or tablet is just like a min computer with lots of data processing and also information and the manufacturer created a battery that can actually make the phone last longer but due to some processes which consumes the battery more than normal.

Android tips and tricks

There are different ways on maintaining your android phone battery to make it last much longer but do they work? If you then I will show you 8 solid tips and tricks to make your android battery last much more long ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, i will explain the tips to make you understand how important the tips I will mention in this post are to your battery. As some of us know, an android phone or tablet is just like a min computer with lots of data processing and also information and the manufacturer created a battery that can actually make the phone last longer but due to some process which consumes the battery more than normal.

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Tips On How To Make Your Android Phone Last Longer


1. Dim The Phone Or Tablet Screen

The light of and android is one of the most battery consumer because the light is generated from the power gotten from the battery. and as we know the light of the phone is not something you can avoid. Some Android phones comes with a brightness controller so you can dim the light on the screen as this will help in reducing the rate at which the battery drains.

2. Connectivity Features

android connectivity bar

Connectivity features which includes the bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE and mobile network connection, GPS should be turned off when not in use, when I told some of my friends about this they actually laughed and said if the features are idle that the battery of the device is safe but it is wrong so if you have that same mentality you better change it and make your android battery last much more longer.

3. Notifications

android notifications

Android devices has so much notification from messages to alarm to even alerts from apps either for upgrade and so on, it good but it also consumers your android phones battery very well, so if you can stop or minimize the notification do that as it will help in keeping your battery because for you to get a notification the app connect to the server to send you the notification and in the process uses your battery.

4. Turn Of The Vibrator

android vibration

Most mobile users users don’t know that vibration of a phone actually consumers more battery than a normal ringtone of your phone and that also applies to that of an android device so do not use vibrate as your tune or together with your ringing tone (that makes it worse) or even as an alert for apps or message as it consumers battery in a large volume. So turn off all Vibrate alert on the android phone or tablet to actually make it last longer.

5. Apps In the Background

Leaving apps in the background does not mean the apps won’t work or they will be paused! No it does not, so minimizing apps should be for a should duration and not leaving it there for a very long time as the continue to process what it has to and uses part of the battery even though you are not using it. So exit all apps especially when you are not using them at that moment. So to save your android battery you need to exit the apps you are not using.

6. App/widget refresh frequency

There are some apps which also request thereby connecting to the internet every time such as facebook, twitter, RSS and so on, what you should do is to schedule a particular time the apps or widgets will refresh and to get updates. It can be once an hour, 2hours and so on. This is just to minimize the amount of sources soaking the battery.

7. Ad-free apps

Some apps actually put ads in the apps such as games, so when you are running or playing the game the ads pop up, this apps are also draining the apps because the takes power for the app to connect and pop up an ad. So you should always or should download ad-free apps to avoid the pop-up and to maintain your battery.

8. Power Saving Mode

android power saver

if you are the type that normally use your android device through out a day, you should then consider using the phone or tablet Power Saving mode as it helps in saving the battery level.For instance, power saving mode usually limits CPU use, reduces screen brightness, deactivates haptic feedback, disables data network when the screen is asleep, and lowers the brightness level of the browserโ€™s background color.


These are the solid tips that can help you minimize the rate at which your android battery drains, so if you implement these tips on your android phone am very sure that your android device will last longer than what you expect. If you are the type that does heavy work on your android device through out a day then you should consider get another original battery as it will help you.

Do You have any other tips or trick on how you make Android battery last longer or what you feel about the post please do comment below and also please subscribe here for free tips and tricks updates. Thanks


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