Top 6 Chat Apps For Android Phones And Tablets

Android phones and tablets have been rocking the mobile world nowadays which is great and lot of chat application are around now but knowing the best android chat app matters which will not give you problems at all. These chat apps are really taking over the messaging world and holding it firm, am very sure it has been a long time you have type a text message to a friend who is one of your contact on one of your chatting apps.

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In this post I will show you 6 most wanted and used chat apps for android users so you won’t be able to miss out in any way, if you really love chatting you can decide to have all this chat apps on your android phone, yes it all possible.

6 Best and Famous Android Chat Apps

1. WhatsApp

whatsapp for pc

WhatsApp is a very common and famous chat app for android but it is not only for android user, whatsapp is also available for almost all smartphone and recently also on all java phones, it is available on Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone, Bada and so on. This whatsapp chat app is a must have for all in your smartphones. it is the quickest way to message a friend and no need for logins it is attach to your cell phone number and your phones so once a message enters you will receive it instantly.

The apps also tells you when your contact is online or offline it also allow have the app for free totally but you can also pay for the app which is just one dollar a year which totally worth it. but you can also have the app for free since the payment has not been made compulsory.

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2. EBuddy Messenger

ebuudy for android

Ebuddy messenger is one of the oldest chat application and it still keeps providing one of the best in providing a union (as i call it) of the most common social networks and sometimes some mail sites such as  Orkut, MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, MySpace & Hyves which is great for user to do all social media all in one app. so if you have this app you don’t need to have these social media apps one by one. A great messenger or chat app for android users.

3. Skype

skype for android

I personally I really skype, it a most have for android users, it also allows you to do video calls and message chats which to me is great with amazing features for free, you can make phone calls from your computer with skype must you must have skype credit for that. It a great app you should try them out.

4. WeChat

wechat for android

WeChat is another great chat app for android users, the chat app is available in some countries which allows you to chat with your contact, the app is available in two version which is the free and the pro version but the free version is also gives you features to voice call, chat and even video call for free. You should this app out its one of the best chat app for android users.

5. Viber Chat

viber chat

These is another very great app which allows you to add unlimited contact as far the contact as installed the app on it smartphone, the app is also available in some OS such as Android of course and iOS platform which is great for you to have good contact from different mobile platform. The apps allows you to send unlimited messages to your contacts and also allows HD video calls all for free.

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6. ChatPlus

chatplus for android

This is another great chat app which is available for android devices, you can just download the app for free and chat with friends who have the contacts and you can exchange anything on these chat app such as photos, songs, document and files. These apps allows you to have a quick and faster experience when chatting.

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 What Are Your Own Best Chat Apps For Android If I Have Not Mention It

You are free to mention your own favorite chat apps for android, so you can use the comment box to mention that. thanks


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