How To Download Torrent Using IDM

Torrent has been one of the major ways of downloading files but due to the slow speed, trying to download torrent using IDM then sounds impossible and that one can only download torrent files using two major torrent download manager which are Utorrent and Bittorrent which are slow when trying to use to download files because those torrent download manager deals with the connection upload speed which make it slow when trying to download, download torrent with idm is much more faster in speed.

download torrent using idm

Internet Download Manager (IDM) which much more faster than almost all the download manager I have seen will make a incredible downloader for the torrent files but this is not possible without the help of some sites and a trick which help in the download torrent files with idm.

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Download Torrent With IDM Advantages

  1. Internet Download Manager is a great software and download that allows one to download files at incredible speed.
  2. Download Torrent with IDM will be in a fast speed because IDM does not use the upload speed but instead the download speed to determine the speed of the download.
  3. IDM has lots of features that are good for downloading such as pausing and inserting links to download torrent files with idm.
  4. Download torrent using IDM will be very fast.

How To Download Torrent Files With IDM

Step 1: First of all you need to download the torrent from any torrent website, this torrent file enable one to download the main file.


These are website which host the first torrent you download before these files are used to download the main file.

Step 2: Instead of you using the file to download the main file using the torrent downloader you will go to and upload the torrent file.

torrent with idm

Step 3: After that, you will click on the “GO” button by the side of the upload button and then choose the free download.

Step 4: Then the site will ask you to wait for your download.

Step 5: When your download is ready a zip file will appear click on it to download it, but if the file is a folder that contains files in it you can easily download them one by one and it will download torrent files with idm

download zip file

Once you click on the “ZIP” your download will start and you will download torrent using idm but if it not downloading you should right click on the “ZIP” button and copy the zip link location and insert it in the IDM interface.

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And that it you will be able to download torrent with IDM easily without any problem. So what you are waiting for, I have tried it and it works well, you should try it now and enjoy what others are enjoying, downloading torrents with internet Download Manager.


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